Zen Mommy Minute: Your Parenting Purpose

What is your parenting purpose? Many of us have vision or objective statements for our resumes. Some of us have one for our lives, a powerful thing to do to be sure. Check out this digital version of a life purpose by my twitter friend @MorganDayCecil. (LOVE IT!!!)

So why not have a special purpose statement to guide us in our parenting? Think of it as a map. It’s pretty useful to have a map when you’re driving somewhere new. 🙂 And it really can be as simple. Here is mine, one line that I wrote about 2 years ago and it’s come in handy more than once:

To know and love my children so that they can better come to  know and love themselves.

It’s simple, yet it says so much to me, and I love it. Now it’s your turn! Have fun with it. I hope you’ll write your own parenting purpose to guide you… and share it with us below!


  1. THank you so much for this.
    I’ve declared my personal purpose and now I’m going to think about my parenting purpose.

    One of the affirmations I say daily is:

    “I love my son Lucca in the way he most loves to be loved and I am open to the wisdom he can impart to me.”

    I think I’ll make this a part of my parenting purpose…. You are so wonderful Suzanne and just seeing you speak about this on your video brightened my day. Thank you.

  2. I love your parent purpose and would have to say that mine would be similar to that. When it comes to parenting I always remind myself that kids need YOU more than anything else.. More than video games, money or the keys to the car. They just need you. I used to think that my mommy purpose was to raise contributors to the society but, it’s really more simple than that. Thank you for helping me to re- focus on that and calm down a little:) You really are ZenMommy

  3. julie, what you say about raising kids that give back to sociaty…that is powerful. reminds me of the book (i highlighted last week on MMM and you might like it~ on love languages) where the author says that when we love kids in ways they can “hear” they feel LOVEd and their emotional love tank goes to full… freeing them up from seeking love to “learning and serving”.

    i take this to mean serving others/giving back to the community as you say… with the gifts and talents they were born with to share! thanks so much for sharing and your kind words. i love this as part of your parenting mission. and simple is good too. smiles.