Zen Mommy Minute: Judgment

Feeling judged? Judgmental?!?…or like you’re never enough? Play along with me in this little “exercise” on judgment. ;p It’ll be fun (and painless)…I promise! And by the end, I hope you could care less what other people think about you.

This video was inspired by the book  BAD MOTHER by Ayelet Waldman (a must if you are a mom and judgment of any kind is on your radar). I hope it speaks to you!!!


  1. Thank you for this, Ms Zen Mommy!
    It is amazing how much we realize we are missing by being consumed in our own “judging” energy.

    When we can take a big step outside of that we begin to realize just how vibrant the world around us can be.

    I’m judging myself less today because of your exercise. Thank you!

  2. Okay.. Danny sent me.. and since I DO listen to him… 🙂

    Second: ADD WEBCAM comment? HUH? i don’t think so!!

    Third I love your point about looking at a piece of art and ‘judging’ it.. when really you are only offering your opinion and everyone has differing opinions on LOTS of things. So if judgmental behavior is just opinions.. then DUH!! I can live with someone’s ‘opinion’ better than their ‘judgement’.. thanks and cheers.

  3. carissa, yes. people’s judgments as opinions… alot easier to “live with”. i LOVE how you put that. so cool to hear back which part of this speaks to you and why. thank you for visiting us here at MMM…**especially** if DANNY sent you!!! cheers.

  4. Just finished reading The Shack. It was ok but one of the few nuggets I got from it was that the tree of knowledge of good/evil was essentially that… judgment! Our tendency to see duality in all things, to judge experiences, people, circumstances as either good or bad was our “fall from grace.” Interesting.