Zen Mommy Minute: In the Name of LOVE!

Tell me your stories – what have you done as a parent in the name of love? What have your kids done for you? Has being a parent brought home the experience of love in a new or different way for you? How so?

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This Zen Mommy Minute is published in partnership with Due Maternity, a great place for maternity clothes. Zen Mommy is wearing her favorite sweater… a great look and fit 16 weeks through to the very end. xoxo

Suzanne Tucker, aka Zen Mommy

In addition to mommy-ing to two magical girls born in 2000 and 2003 and expecting twins in Jan of 2010, Suzanne co-owns a holistic health center with her husband Shawn in St. Louis, Missouri where she practices as a physical therapist, Certified Educator of  Infant Massage and health education teacher. Certified in a number of healing and life education approaches, Suzanne offers ongoing tips on parenting and is the co-creator of the Yogi Parenting approach to positive parenting.


  1. I’m sitting here with my guys on a snow day and we used your video to make a “group think” moment for ourselves. We all agree that the love is there but sometimes it stands out more often than other times. No. 3 son says we can always “sense” the love. When we take the time to make our love something that we can see, hear, feel or taste then it becomes really special.
    My sons say they are aware our love most deeply when we pay attention to what they want to show us; when someone needs help and we give it; and when we make the food they enjoy most. They tell me they really feel the love we have for them when they are totally accepted and appreciated and encouraged and supported. I’m enjoying a snow day with my guys – something that I would “a-parently” miss if they had not made me into a mom!

  2. diane – this is the sweetest thing i think i’ve ever heard a tween/teen boy say. can i arrange a marriage with one or two of them with a couple sweet little girls i know?!? wow are they going to make great partners/dads some day. baing able to talk about the love they feel like that with you – soooo dear.

    aren’t we lucky they’ve made us moms? comes with some of the best benefits a “job” could offer…

    ps: snow days ROCK.

  3. This reminds me of what Anne Jordan shared with me in my interview with her… how being truly present with our kids makes a huge difference in their feeling LOVED. Conversely, NOT giving them attention during critical moments not only makes them feel ignored but UNloved. I’ll be sharing the full VIDEO segment next week, 1/14! Thanks for sharing, Diane!