Zen Mommy Minute: How Do You Feel Love

How do you feel love?

  1. Words of Affirmation
  2. Quality Time
  3. Receiving Gifts
  4. Acts of Service
  5. Physical Touch

Once we know a little bit about the five main love languages that exist, we can have a deeper understanding of not only how WE feel love… but how we can best love our spouce/partner and our children. Want to know more? Pick up Gary Chapman’s book “The Five Love Languages”. It’s a GREAT read and a wonderful resource for parenting to have at your fingertips.

Suzanne Tucker, aka Zen Mommy
In addition to mommying to two magical girls born in 2000 and 2003, Suzanne owns a holistic health center in St. Louis, Missouri where she practices as a physical therapist, Certified Infant Massage Instructor and health education teacher. Certified in a number of healing and life education approaches, Suzanne offers life coaching as Zen Mommy Coach and is the co-creator of the Yogi Parenting approach to positive parenting.


  1. Suzanne:

    This sounds like a great book!! Since my boys are now 16 & 18 — soon to be 17 & 19, I wish it had been around when they were young. Heck, I wish Zen Mommy was around to coach me when they were young!

    For me, it’s been a long time between ‘love relationships,’ but I would say that as a writer, “words of affirmation” would probably fit me best. As a Dad, though, I have seen all five come in to play with great frequency over the years. Your video very clearly cites examples of these and actually helped me ‘connect the dots’ a bit.

    For my youngest, ‘acts of service’ seems to fit best. Even to this day, he makes these simple straightforward requests of me, “Dad, would you make me one those grilled sandwiches I like?” or whatever…but those requests are precious to me. For my eldest, words of affirmation and receiving gifts (lol) seem to fit…but with BOTH of them, quality time has played an important role.

    I’d actually like to hear you elaborate more on this book, SuZen. You are a wise woman 🙂

  2. Thanks for commenting, Kevin. This book was really pivotal for me in a different way. It made me realize my own love language and how I had forgotten it, disguised it or tried to change it to fit someone else’s.

  3. thanks kevin.

    words of affirmation are powerful. you use them so well in affirming not only me as you have just done so beautifully above…but for your brother, father and others in your your family that i have read about in your blog. i’d have to say this does sound like a good fit 😉 so neat to look at how we most often LOVE another and then move backwards from there…realizing that most likely this is our own love language. i realized i was acts of service when i was cleaning the apartment, making dinner and these sorts of things to show my new hubby that i loved him (all of 12 years ago.) And it still never ceases to amaze me how loved i can feel when my man hels with the dishes or takes out the trash. may not sound sexy…but it’s TRUE!

    ria, cool that you came to know your own self better by learning your love language. may i ask what it is??? ;p this will only help me in loving you even more (if that is possible…).