28 Weeks: Third Trimester Begins!

Holy Cow! I have less than three months to go. This has been smooth sailing until now. I went to the doctor Monday because I feel faint multiple times a day. Took the gestational diabetes test but still don’t have the results. Today I am meeting with a diabetes specialist. I’m going to learn how to take blood samples through out the day so they can figure out if that’s what it is.

But here’s the thing. Now I think it isn’t sugar that’s causing it but how I am sitting.

I feel the worst when I am in my car or at my work desk. I think the cushioning in the chair or the crease at the bottom of my stomach when I sit may be cutting off my blood circulation.  Is that possible? So now I am typing with the keyboard in my lap, leaned back in a hard folding chair. But I still feel like I’m gong to pass out.  I have to get up every three minutes to prevent it.

I go back to see Skittles and show the doc my blood sugar results next week.

Oh yeah! Bama Mama came to town for the shower.

I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if she moved here one day to be close to the baby.  She actually learned how to knit just so she could make a blanket and hat for Skittles!  Because of her, my mother in law and sister in law, I feel so blessed and taken care of.

They are so generous and supportive. If I didn’t have them, I would be freaking out about this baby!

Speaking of my sister in law. Christy is doing way better than expected.  Her doctors say the parasitic twin is shrinking and doesn’t appear to be taking any blood from the baby. Remember, they thought they were going to have to preform emergency surgery to separate them at 23 weeks and then take the baby around 25 weeks. Now we are on week 28 and they say she could carry the baby until 36 weeks! Thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers.

Off to the diabetes doctor…I’ll let you know what happens.


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  1. Hi Virginia! Congratulations on your pregnancy. I’m so sorry you’ve had struggles with dizziness lately. I just wanted to offer some thoughts that may help you. In regards to the position you’re sitting in reducing circulation…yes, this can absolutely cause problems! So much in pregnancy and birth is all about mechanics. If mom is sitting in a way where her knees are higher than her hips (like in a car bucket seat, recliners, etc), this tilts the pelvis upwards and reduces the space throughout the pelvis and abdomen, and can also constrict blood flow as well.

    If everything checks out ok with your GD testing, and you’re still having problems, another option to consider is chiropractic. Correcting any misalignments may significantly help. Chiropractic is beneficial for many reasons during pregnancy. If you would like some personal recommendations for chiropractors in the area who are very experienced with pregnant women, please feel free to contact me. 🙂

    Blessing to you and your husband!

  2. i so hope the blood work comes out normal!!! no fun to have to watch EVERY bite. you look sensational by the way and i really love reading what’s up with you each week. 🙂