26 Weeks: Stretch Mark Stress and My Bama Mama

Two more weeks until the third trimester! I’m so excited, I think I may have to celebrate that day with ice cream!

BUT it also makes me worry stretch marks are right around the corner. So far, so good but I’ve been reading women get them as late as three days before they give birth.

I’ve been dedicated to putting lotion on my belly, hips and chest every day. I started with that Tummy Butter but it’s too greasy so I just use my Bath and Body Works lotion. Then, I read this week that you can’t do ANYTHING  to prevent because it’s all genetics.

Well, my mom doesn’t have them but I don’t think she and I look  alike so I don’t know if that counts. Okay, maybe a little.

Here we are visiting our alma mater the University of Alabama ROLL TIDE!

Sorry I got distracted (can’t wait until football season and this baby better not be born on the day of the AL/Tenn game–he’s due three days before one of  the BIGGEST GAMES OF THE SEASON)

Okay, back to stretch marks.  I’m trying something new. Baby Belly Massage. Zen Mommy sent me this link.

Watch her video. It looks very relaxing. Skittles will love it even if it doesn’t keep the stretch marks away.

Back to my Bama Mama.  I have never felt so close to her or missed her as much as I do now. It’s this whole initiation into Club Motherhood. I already appreciate her so much more and I know she is going to teach me so much when she comes back in October to help with Skittles.

She is coming in town Friday for my shower and I am over the top excited! She hasn’t been here in over a year. But I have the guest room looking very Southern for her and look…

Jason finished the nursery just in time for her visit! Yes, Skittles real name starts with an “R”

Stop. Don’t even bother trying to figure out his name. YOU WILL NEVER GUESS. But it is a little Southern sounding 😉

Virginia Kerr is a morning news anchor on News 4. You can watch her Monday – Friday from 5AM to 7AM.

*You’re invited to a baby shower for Virginia on Wednesday, August 25. More details.


  1. Is it Rhett?! 🙂

  2. Zen Mommy says:

    you are such a TEASE!!! now my brain is whirling. R. R. Starts with an R. I’m gonna get this one. Going to get my baby name book right now!

    I hope you enjoy belly massage with your little sweetie as much as we did. it helps with preventing stretch marks AND decreasing the swelling come end of day, not to mention the bonding that will happen. Magic. Get Jason in on it too. (Haven’t met a man yet that when you mention rubbing skin and oil wouldn’t drop whatever he is doing…) So excited you are having your real shower with your mama in town. so important i think!!! AND equally excited for your online shower coming up!!!

  3. I really hope you got the no-stretch-marks gene. It is completely genetic, every mother in my family from super petite to plus-sized (including the teenagers) has them and there is pretty much nothing you can do. But if lotion makes you feel better then have at it.


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