27 Weeks: Passing Out at Work

I didn’t pass out but I almost did! Three times today! I started feeling really lightheaded in the car this morning at 2:30, then it got worse when I got to my desk.

I took off my panty hose because I thought that was the problem…By the way I was laughed at when a girl at work heard I still wear panty hose. Not because I am pregnant but because they are “sooooo out.” Whatever, I wear the black tights under black pants only.

Anyway, that didn’t work, then I unbuttoned my pants…I thought I was cutting off the blood circulation. Nope. Still about to fall over. I managed to get through the show but it was rough.  So at 7 I ran over to my mom to be mentor Afton (KMOV web producer) to ask what the deal was.


She said she ended up in the hospital because of it when she was pregnant with her first child.  It’s now 10:15, I’ve had three bottles of water and I feel better but still not quite right.

I just read pregnant women are supposed to drink at least 8 ounces of water an hour! Holy Pee Breaks Batman! Seriously???

I will drink more but I’m still wearing panty hose with my black pants! I hate that flash of flesh that breaks up the black flow from the pants to the heels.  Know what I mean?

Here’s Afton and my video blog about the mini crisis this morning.


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  1. I remember when i was pregnant i drank so much water because i was constantly thirsty. I must have downed something like 2 liters of water a day at least. And i didn’t go to the bathroom as much as you would think. My body just needed it. And I also don’t remember ever feeling lightheaded like i was going to pass out or something. Just really tired. 🙂

  2. So, I am NOT a doctor and this may have absolutely NOTHING to do with your situation- but I was having the same dizzy spells in about that same time frame during my pregnancy. I asked them if they would go ahead and give me my glucose test because I thought my sugar might be the problem. (Diabetes is rampant in my family though, so I was aware). My nurse said that maybe I was dehydrated and maybe I just needed to be eating a little more but that she would have me come in for my test to make me feel better. Results? Gestational diabetes. It wasn’t horrible- I just had to watch my carbs and keep track of my sugar through the day. I actually credit that for me not gaining massive pounds during pregnancy. If the water doesn’t work, it might be something to think about?

  3. Virginia says:


    I have been wondering about that. My mom had gestational diabetes. When I bring it up to people they say I look too thin to have it. But I don’t think the mom has to gain a bunch of weight to get it. I go in for my test a week from Wednesday. I will let you know how it goes. Thank you!


  4. I hadn’t gained very much weight when I found out I had it. I think I had only gained 10-15 pounds by that time. I ended up gaining 30-35 pounds for the pregnancy I think. And with a 9lb 4 oz baby and 7-10 pounds of water, that’s not too bad!!

    I wish you luck!! It’s not horrible, but it’s hard not to give in to the cravings. I wanted salt so SO bad, but the swelling- ick!


  5. I was borderline for it but I think you’re right about not having anything to do with mom’s weight gain as much as the baby’s weight. But I’m no doctor. I did have to do the test twice and that was tough for me. I was pukey for both my pregnancies anyway.