31 Weeks: Packin’ My Bags

I know it is early..but I am so excited and in high gear of nesting so I am packing the hospital bag this weekend. BUT I am not sure what to include.  So could you please help me?

I know I need something to wear home from the hospital, a camera with battery charger, clothes for Jason, a computer (so I can watch the Alabama game if need be) maybe a book..Ha! I am reading the entire Twilight series..every time I see Bella and Edward now I will think of  my pregnancy with Skittles..an outfit for Skittles, car seat. WHAT ELSE?

Some one just told me not to worry about diapers and blankets because the hospital is well stocked. Is that true? Can I sneak food in since I know they starve you? Should I bring DVDs? I just feel like it’s going to be a lot of hurry up and wait.

Here is the latest prego pic.

That was last weekend at Christy’s shower.  I’m sure we’ll have another one for you next week because this weekend the boys’ family is throwing us one.  Remember. We married brothers during a double ceremony and now we are due the same week (a day apart).

Oh! And Christy will be at the virtual shower coming up on August 25th.  You have to log on and check it out. Not only are we helping raise money for the March of Dimes, Practical Mommy and Zen Mommy came up with this great way for Christy and I to be in the delivery for each other’s birth without us physically being there.

Christy and I are getting Holding Hands bracelets and then exchanging beads for them.  Each bead represents a special woman in your life.

Think of it as a ring of girl power around your wrist. You can get one during the virtual shower and add different beads, too! And again, it helps the March of Dimes. The link you need for  all the info on the “Mom is Born” virtual shower is below.

Don’t forget to tell me what to pack  in my hospital bag!  I’ll be checking your suggestions this weekend. Thanks!


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*You’re invited to a baby shower for Virginia on Wednesday, August 25. More details.


  1. Zen Mommy says:

    ok… how fun! i always loved having my bag packed early and looking over at it every night i went to sleep thinking, some day SOON i’m going to be picking that bag up and heading off to meet my sweeet baby(s)!

    here is a guide to packing your bag. i wrote it for viewpoints.com and it includes everything i’ve learned from my three bag packing experiences AND all the great advice i’ve picked up from other moms along the way. hope it helps!!!


  2. I had my baby boy 5 weeks ago!
    Things that were definitely useful in my bag:
    shampoo, body wash, make up, comb/brush, toothpaste/toothbrush, deodorant, lotion, and of course any toiletries my guy needed.
    a robe- because when people visit you won’t want them seeing your new belly/chest in all its glory.
    COMFY stretchy pants and a comfy nursing top
    SOCKS- my feet were freeezing.
    laptop/camera/video camera and all the chargers
    BOPPY PILLOW if you plan on nursing.. or any other kind of nursing pillow you have bought. it’s so helpful!!
    your own comfortable pillow for sleeping.. the ones they have are horrible, thin and hard!
    breast pads- you’ll need them!
    LANOLIN- LIFE SAVER. the hospital might provide you with some.. but just in case! because your poor chest will NEED THIS STUFF!!!

    The hospital we delivered at had everything we needed for baby. we only brought him a take home outfit because of this. much easier… he just wore a little white top. and it’s easier for his umbilical cord.

    That’s all I can think of.. hope I helped!

  3. Jaime Mendoza says:

    For you-all your personal care items, the hospital ones just are not the same. A robe, jammies, socks, comfy clothes to go home in and pads. Phone & charger, camera & charger, book, dvd’s, ipod. You’re own pillow & blanket are always nice. And yes, food. If you deliver at night, the pretzels and soda they give you don’t curb a ravishing appetite.
    For baby-car seat(which I’m sure is already in the car), baby book, blanket and a outfit to go home in. The hospital has diapers, wipes, formula, sleepers, lotion-all the necessities. Of course you have to get a pic of him in his first outfit & his first car ride for the baby book!
    And try to get some rest at the hospital, you need it!

  4. And my tip is a lesson for MY own Type A personality: whatever you pack will be just fine. Why? Because you’re not going to Australia!!!! You’re going to the hospital or birthing center or wherever that hopefully, is not that far from your HOUSE! And if you forget something, well… that’s what the hubby, mother-in-law, bff is for.

  5. Ha! Jaime! I didn’t know that was you until just now! Thanks for the tips! I didn’t think about the pillow and blanker.
    Zen Mommy, Afton and I just used your tips in our KMOV vlog. I will put a link on here when I get it.
    The draft email is something I NEVER would have thought of!!!!

  6. Good luck for the future, Virginia. It must be a wonderful thing to worry about and prepare for. Love the idea of the Holding Hands bracelet too, I might get a couple of those for the amazing women in my life.