39 Weeks: New Niece This Week, New Son Next

OH MY GOODNESS! My sister in law had her baby. Wow is she a trooper! Those doctors had her pushing for five hours yesterday! But her beautiful baby girl is here and healthy as can be.

Remember this is the baby that doctors thought they would have to take at 26 weeks because she had a parasitic twin taking her blood.  (The twin was never a fully developed baby.)

Landrey Faith is 8 pounds!  She clearly has the strength and tenacity of her mother Christy.

I saw her for the first time last night.

So cute! I won’t go into detail but let’s just say Christy had just about every thing thrown at her during delivery and yet nothing was bad enough to make her slow down!

I also got a preview of what my husband will be like when he meets our son (Great. I am now crying profusely in the news room)..anyway Landrey was crying when we got there.  Jason picked her up and got her to stop crying in seconds!

He held her a long time..I’m telling you this boy was born to be a father! I never wanted kids until I met him! He’s also in full blown nesting mode. After we left the hospital, he asked me to tell him everything I wanted to get done so he could help me finish my list this weekend. I think I have little Landrey to thank for that.  Reality hit Jason at the hospital. Our baby is probably going to be here in the next seven days!

I’m really surprised Skittles isn’t here already based on the contractions and pains I have had..but I’m fine. Tomorrow is my last day at work.

I just hope Skittles gives me a few days to get some regular sleep so I am ready for the big day.

I will keep you posted!

Virginia Kerr is a morning news anchor on News 4. You can watch her Monday – Friday from 5AM to 7AM.


  1. Congratulations, mommy Christy and aunt Virginia! Thank you for sharing pictures with us. She is beautiful. Landrey is the cutest girl name. Love it.

  2. SOOOO FUN!!! My sister delivered just before our first (10 years ago!#@!!) and I felt the same… it was like a dry run going to the hospital to meet my little nephew. Virginia, all I’ve got to say is Mr. Skittle has timing! He’s going to let you get to that last day of work and maybe even then some! (what a guy, huh?) I am so excited for you. I hope I made the email announcement list. 😉

    Go within now sweet mama and take some quiet moments for you and your boy. You are sharing every breath and every heart beat still… so connected. Enjoy every last moment of this pregnancy together. *HUGS*