Week 32: Other New Moms & Icing

icingThis week I am reminded that there is nothing like the support of other new moms when you are expecting. I have called three different new mom friends on three different topics in the past week as we near B (birth) day next month and they have been SO helpful. I have also been on I don’t know how many sites to read reviews from other moms on everything from car seats to crib pads. Not to seem materialistic, but the last couple months of pregnancy seem to be full of all the last minute “material” purchases. I keep reminding myself that all I REALLY need are my girls (my breasts, not my daughters, though they will be helpful too!) blankets, burp clothes and diapers. The rest is just icing on the cake.

Icing on the Cake

Just icing, yes, but I for one like icing. So here is some of the sweeter tips my new mom friends have shared with me this week:

  1. On the issue of breast pumps, here’s a great tip: RENT a commercial grade pump from a store in the area for a few months before breaking the bank and buying one. This serves a couple purposes. One, you get to make sure I like how it works. Two, you get to make sure your baby/ies are indeed taking bottles. I mention this because 9 years ago I actually bought a top of the line pump only to discover (30 bags of liquid gold later) that my darling daughter would have nothing to do with bottles. We introduced her first bottle at 3 weeks and followed all the tips everyone says to do… but she was all about the boob and only the boob. Never took a binky either. It all worked out in the end, but the real bummer is that after our second baby rejected bottles as well, I gave up and began lending the pump to countless other new moms in need. Somewhere along the way forgot who I lent it to. Oops. This time, I plan to be sure we need a pump if we buy a pump.
  2. Car seats. This is a hot topic that has had me online countless hours looking into seat safety rating, mom reviews, seat widths, costs, styles, colors and most important (after safety) seat WEIGHT. I like the Graco SnugRide weighing in at 7 pounds with an 8.8 pound seat base. The width dimensions are car friendly at 27.8′ x 17.4 x 17.1. No one paid me to say this – this is for real what I found and will be ordering two of online this week. The color selection online seems SO much better than what I am seeing at the big baby stores in our area and one version I saw even included a baby seat warmer cover that zips over the seat and has a peak-a-boo window so I can still see out little guys when they are snuggled up in there . I decided not to go with the seats that take baby past 22 pounds/29 inches as by one year of age, we’ll be moving on to our next set of seats. In my research I learned that the average baby will grow to three times their birth weight by age one. So if you think you may be having an 8 pound baby, you might want to consider a seat that goes higher so baby doesn’t outgrow it after only 6 or 9 months.
  3. Finally, carrying systems. I could not decide so will go with a few different types. I figure with twins I’ll need more than one anyway. First we bought the HotSling which looks ultra easy to use and is supposed to be good for when baby is 8 to 35 pounds. Then we got a Moby Wrap upon the recommendation of many moms I know and my little sister who has a 3 month old. This does not look so simple to use, but the box shows a mom holding twins at the same time, a BIG selling point for me. The Moby is basically a long piece of cloth you learn to tie around you and baby with no buckles or snaps which I like as well. Given its glowing reviews, I figure it’s worth the time I’ll spend figuring out how to use it. Here’s one review summary I looked at from 47 users:

The sheer volume of fabric can be overwhelming but once you get the hang of using it, it is a breeze. One tip is to tie the Moby on prior to leaving home so you can just slide baby in when you get to your destination. With the versatility of the Moby Wrap there are a variety of positions you can place baby in, making it perfect for babies of any size. Baby feels secure and you’ll know he’s safe. In addition the Moby Wrap allows for baby’s weight to be evenly distributed…

I promise I am getting ready on other planes than the physical.

  1. I am massaging my belly constantly as our baby girl and baby boy are so right there, sticking out a foot, booty, head or hand nearly every hour. I’m so comfortable feeling them as they protrude from my belly, at times I feel I’ve actually held them in my arms.
  2. We have also been having these great talks with our daughters about what it might be like after the babies are born in hopes of easing them into this big transition for our family.
  3. I’ve stepped up my commitment to ensuring they following through with their basic chores every week (making their beds and getting their dirty laundry down the chute.)
  4. We initiated “family meetings” on Sunday nights where we go around the table and each say something nice about the other people (and pets!) in the family before talking about things that are on our minds. This will be helpful once the babies come if any issues do arise or the girls want to voice how they are feeling about any of the changes in the home.
  5. And I am doing a lot of deep breathing… taking quiet time to meditate on how much I love our little baby girl and boy, letting them know how excited I am to meet them and how gentle and loving their births will be (a bit of positive affirmation thrown in for good measure!)

The next excitement we have is New Year’s Eve where we get to see them again in our next (and maybe last!) ultrasound. I hope some of what I’ve shared with you about where I am and the things that have been on my mind week 32 are helpful to you where ever you find yourself. The main take away I hope you get from this post? I am so happy for the gift other moms… their wisdom, advice and support. I realize this is a reoccurring theme in the past few posts, but it is SO vital. I do not need to recreate the wheel. Alone I’m a drop… connected to others I’m an ocean. *smiles*

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