Yoga Parenting Course Launch Party

In case you missed our party on March 16, here’s the replay! Along with our friends, Danielle and Kim and all of you in the chat room, we shared our parenting challenges and Michaela Turner gave us some advice on approaching them from the Yoga Parenting perspective.

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Positive Parenting Tip: How to Connect to Your Teen

How to connect to your tween/teen? Listen to this :15 AUDIO TIP:

Our Yoga Parenting audio tips are presented every Friday by Michaela Turner, BS Ed, CYKT, YKT, Co-Founder Yoga Parenting

Michaela is a 30 year veteran educator and a Certified YogaKids Teacher and Trainer. She teaches yoga baby and yoga kids classes for children throughout St. Louis, Missouri. As the Co-founder of Yogi Parenting, Michaela offers positive parenting coaching and seminars nationally, blending her joy for yoga with her love for children.

Yoga Parenting F.A.Q.’s

What does the course include?
Each of the eight lessons include an audio segment and a written component — you can choose to read or listen to each lesson.

Within each lesson, an overview, parenting tools, and journal exercises will help you to transform your every day parenting experience.

Your enrollment includes ongoing access to the Yoga Parenting Discussion Group, where you can connect, share, and support each other.

You’ll get downloadable .pdf copies of the lesson material.

You’ll also get downloadable mp3’s of the lesson audios.

How does the course work?
As soon as you buy the course, you will receive an email message asking you to confirm your registration. Within moments of your confirmation, you’ll receive links to your first lesson via email. Links to subsequent lessons will arrive in your inbox every seven days.

The material for each lesson is presented in both audio and written form to accommodate your learning style. You also have the option of accessing the lesson content online or downloading the information and reviewing it offline, at your convenience.

How much time does it take?
Each lesson takes about 30 minutes to review. The audios range in length from eight to 20 minutes.You decide how much time to spend on the journal exercises every week. Of course, we hope that you will apply the lessons on an ongoing basis to your daily life.

What do I need?
You’ll need access to a computer, the internet and an email address. If you want the full experience of all the printable downloads, you’ll also want access to a color printer. You’ll need an mp3 player if you choose to listen to the audios offline. If you choose not to use the Yoga Parenting Notebook, any notebook or journal will work! And of course, the desire for a healthier and more joyful family is a requirement!

When does the course begin?
Whenever you are ready. The beauty of the course is that you can take it on your schedule, at your pace. You can start right now!

What if I have more questions?
Feel free to send us a message info(@) or use this form or call (314)329-1351.

Registration for the eight-week session is now open! Reserve your spot now with a fee of $97 USD per person.

Yoga Parenting: Parent and Expert Reviews

I was impressed at how learning to tune in and breathe, especially whenever things start to spiral downward with the kids, changed everything…my kids are really responding and I feel so much more centered and patient with them.
~ Anne and Josh, kids ages 6 and 8

My favorite activity was learning how we could use signs to get our kids to do simple everyday things like brush their teeth or get ready for bed… I get tired of hearing myself order them around so I am SURE they must be tired of hearing me too.
You need to do this!
~ Suzannah and Mark, kids ages 3 and 9

What a wonderful tool and novel approach to parenting! I especially like the fact that I can access the lessons at any time, at my convenience. Our schedules are hectic by nature, so it’s nice to have this available whenever I can find a quiet moment.
~ Sharon, aunt to 3

It is so important to stop, take a deep breath and step back. In my hurried and busy life today, I learned the value of breathing and centering from Yoga Parenting. I am glad I took this course as I am a key role model in my children’s lives. As my teens are developing, I want them to learn the value of calmness
and kindness.
~ Kim, kids ages 13 and 11

The course addressed boundaries, rituals, and power struggles… I can’t choose a favorite topic! They were all helpful and important to me. Well done. Thanks!!!
~ Melissa, Expectant Mom and Early Child Educator/Speech Pathologist

Through Yoga Parenting, parents learn to be more childlike and playful in their understanding and interactions with their children, which results in a completely different outlook on parenting.
~ Melody Meiners, mom and columnist for StlFamilyLife

Yoga Parenting is a terrific and very practical source of information and guidance from which every parent can benefit. Child development research confirms that the most important predictor of success in learning and life is a child’s social and emotional development, which is largely influenced by parents’ interactions with their child. A parent’s ability to model positive ways of managing child behavior and stress can dramatically affect the child’s self-control abilities and self-image.

With easy to understand principles and tips, Yoga Parenting helps parents tap into their best instincts to help their children master life’s conflicts and everyday challenges.
~ James Braun, President and CEO of Youth In Need

The lesson on intuition was extremely powerful for me. Ironically, allowing my children to follow their intuition was intuitive to me, but I wasn’t allowing myself to trust that instinct, as it seemed counter to popular parenting. Sometimes the most profound moments in our journeys aren’t when we learn new things, but learning that you’re not alone in feeling something.
~ Jennifer, kids age 6 and 4

The lessons move along at a perfect pace so one doesn’t get bored, nor overwhelmed. Thanks to what I’ve learned from the program, I do feel more empowered. I have been more mindful of the lessons – especially the play one. As a result my son and I have been laughing more and enjoying the strengthened bond that’s come with it. And for that, I am most thankful.
~ Lisa Bertrand, mom and columnist for ALIVE

Registration for the eight-week session is now open! Reserve your spot now with a fee of $97 USD per person.

Yoga Parenting Gift: Printable Journal

As our gift to you, we’ve also created this 55-page journal which is designed to go along with the lessons, giving you space to record your observations as well as templates for some of the Yoga Parenting Tools.

Registration for the eight-week session is now open! Reserve your spot now with a fee of $97 USD per person.