Parents As Teachers 2010: Fundraising to Friendraising

On November 8, 2010, Suzanne and I are presenting at the National Parents As Teachers Conference in St. Louis. Our workshop, Putting On the Oxygen Mask is intended to provide actionable ways for organizations to harness new technology and social media to create sustainability. We call it Friendraising!

We love being able to share what has created our friendships in the digital space.

Do you need help identifying your BFF Quotient? We can help. We’re good at holding hands… and we can work with you,  your organization and/or business. Send us a message and let’s connect.

As promised, below is a list of additional resources that will help you as you develop your program’s social marketing strategy. We’ll be updating this list frequently as new ideas and new technologies emerge so bookmark it and check back often. [Read more…]