How to Find a Great Nanny

There is not much I need to type here that I don’t say in this video journal from our week long adventure finding a nanny. I will tell you that we DID IT! We hired our fifteen to twenty hour a week nanny. Her name is Rachel and she r-o-c-k-s. She’s experienced, she’s easy to work with and most importantly, she’s great with my kiddos.

From the start I’ve felt like we’ve just “flowed”… and that is really important to me.

I never wanted this process to be hard, nor did I think it needed to be, inspite of some of the horror stories friends have shared with me on their experiences doing the same. Who wants this important relationship to be hard, stressful or strained? Not I. Not I!!! So going into it, I looked for help. Someone to hold my hand you could say. Enter the agency I decided to use to source referrals, [Read more…]

How to Hire a Sitter for a Sick Child

With all this flu in our schools, working moms and dads are faced with some tough decisions when it comes to taking time off work. Some schools are closing leaving well kids home on short notice for days on end. I interviewed Expert Mommy Debbie Hipp who has over a decade of experience placing nannies and sitters. Here she offers us some useful tips and answers my questions on sick child care. How do you manage when the kids are out for 3,4, or 7 days in a row (like mine were this month?!?!)

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