How to Find a Great Nanny

There is not much I need to type here that I don’t say in this video journal from our week long adventure finding a nanny. I will tell you that we DID IT! We hired our fifteen to twenty hour a week nanny. Her name is Rachel and she r-o-c-k-s. She’s experienced, she’s easy to work with and most importantly, she’s great with my kiddos.

From the start I’ve felt like we’ve just “flowed”… and that is really important to me.

I never wanted this process to be hard, nor did I think it needed to be, inspite of some of the horror stories friends have shared with me on their experiences doing the same. Who wants this important relationship to be hard, stressful or strained? Not I. Not I!!! So going into it, I looked for help. Someone to hold my hand you could say. Enter the agency I decided to use to source referrals, [Read more…]

How to Keep Following Your Bliss

Last week, we heard Elena Verlee’s tips on finding your passion. The next in our series is singer-songwriter, Heidi Howes. Heidi definitely has a passion for music but… how does she feed that passion as a busy mom of two kids? In our interview, Heidi shares her struggles with balancing being the mom she wants to be with fulfilling her own dreams!

Interview with Heidi Howes (AUDIO 3:09)

Heidi has been a guest with us before, sharing her Postpartum Depression journey. You can listen to tracks from Heidi’s upcoming CD, Mother Songs here. [Read more…]

How to Find Your Passion

As part of our series on providing tips for mom entrepreneurs, I interviewed Elena Verlee, a successful mom entrepreneur herself who has started and sold several companies. Now, she is helping others get buzz for their businesses as well as coaching people on turning their passions into business ideas! Listen to Elena’s inspired tips and find YOUR passion!

Interview with Elena Verlee (AUDIO 3:48)

Share your passion with us in the comments!Elena_Verlee

You can find Elena at and @ElenaVerlee on Twitter. [Read more…]

How to Build Your Network

pigeonsEvery day, I am impressed by all the cool and interesting things women are doing. I’ve already talked about my friend Gail and the Global Hugs Tour. But there are so many others. Kathy is developing college curriculum for aspiring women entrepreneurs, Jennifer is encouraging kids to use their imagination (more on that soon), Diann is saving a school… all are women and moms who are giving their passion to the world. I know that this isn’t an easy thing. I constantly struggle with feelings of doubt or battle being overwhelmed by all the things I have to do all and/or all the things I have to figure out how to do! I couldn’t do it without the support of my network.

Belonging to a community seems to come naturally to a lot of women. Many of you have probably already seen the Kelly Corrigan’s Pigeon video. It’s natural to yearn for a flock. In my own experience, there’s no better way to accomplish a goal than by working together. But what if you don’t have one? How do you cultivate your flock? Or, as Seth Godin says, your Tribe. [Read more…]