22 Weeks: Getting Hubby Ready for Baby

I must tell you that one of the most frustrating parts of being pregnant is that your husband has  NO CLUE what you are going through. Now I’m not talking about the side effects like morning sickness or the long list of  what not to eat and drink.  I got over that a long time ago.

I’m talking about the lack of urgency, the inability to understand why the nursery is so important and why it MUST BE DONE MY WAY.

Psycho? Maybe…but I’m the one who thinks about this baby all day and feels him/her all day. I’m the one already picturing that baby nursing and leaving me in severe nipple pain. I’m the one who will be spending the most time in that little room down the hall and I know if the project doesn’t get started early, it won’t be done on time.

I figured out what I wanted the nursery to look like back in February. I promised myself  I would not nag Jason…so I waited until Easter and then I became a broken record. Finally, after a couple arguments and a very long email…he got it.  It just clicked.  Now the argument (really yelling match) didn’t get me anywhere. It was the email. I explained how this mothering thing just kicks in once you realize you have a baby growing inside you and you already want to take care of him/her. I can do that by taking care of myself but I also want to read up and study what to do AND  I want to get the room ready.

I should mention that I gave him a long to do list..take wallpaper down, paint room, put up beadboard, paint and replace trim, paint closets..oh yeah and move his office out of there and down to the basement. That was really hard for him.  But he did it. This week the beadboard is almost done. All that’s left is the trim and closets…and hanging my new chandelier (he still doesn’t like the idea of replacing the ceiling fan with that frou frou thing) But as I told him, this room is REALLY for me. To calm me down when I can’t get Skittles to stop screaming and when that baby turns two and starts complaining about the decor..then we’ll talk.

Here’s my inspiration room.

I will post an updated picture…I may even whip out the FlipCam and give you a tour this weekend.

I can’t talk about me and my pregnancy without including my sister in law,  Christy.  Christy is also pregnant.  She is due two days before me.  She is married to Jason’s brother Brian. A year ago this past weekend we all four were married in a double wedding ceremony.

Christy and Brian

It was the most incredible day of my life.  So when we found out we were both having babies and we were due two days apart, we were over the top excited. We were going  to enter the next phase of our lives together again. We go to the same doctor and we have check ups on the same day. Well, our last check up changed everything.

Christy discovered she has what is called an acardiac twin.  She is carrying her baby and she is carrying a twin that doesn’t have a heart or brain. The problem is, it’s attached to her baby through a blood vessel and it’s causing her baby’s heart to work twice as hard because it is taking the blood supply from the baby.  If they aren’t disconnected, her baby will most likely die.   She is going to have surgery as early as Friday.  It’s a very risky procedure. They will make a very small incision and try to sever the blood vessel that connects them. Even after that, she could go into early labor.

The whole family hurts for her and Brian. They are both so incredibly strong. Christy is one of six girls in her circle of friends who is pregnant and I think she was by far the most excited and prepared when she learned she was expecting.  I just ask that you keep her in your thoughts and prayers this week.

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