How to Mend a Broken Heart

“What’s ‘unrequited love’ mean?”  That’s the opening line from my son when I picked him up from school earlier today.

As any experienced parent knows, this is the type of question that doesn’t deserve an immediate answer.  It deserves another question. So I say, “Why do you ask?”

“Well, this girl at school said that she had ‘unrequited love’ for me.  I don’t know what she’s talking about.”

It sounds to me as if this girl may not only be more mature than my son but she also has a better vocabulary.

I start thinking about how to best answer his question and my mind veers onto the nostalgia road where I recall a few personal “unrequited love” stories from my tween/teen years. [Read more…]

How Many Posts Can We Do About Love: 9

love_ebook_bannerBe sweet to each other.

If I had to take one lesson from this life and bottle it up to carry on to the next it is that… be sweet… to your friends, your children, your dog, your spouse or sweetheart, even your ex-spouses and sweethearts. In this age of technology, there are so many ways we can touch each other’s hearts. Yesterday, I got a text that simply said, “Hug.” And a direct tweet that said, “Going to sleep, love.”

These tiny touches are deposits in the heart bank. It made no difference that they were virtual. This is the food and nourishment of life. It’s what gives us the strength to face our challenges and learn our lessons. So if you are hesitating about the email, wall post, whatever… DON’T. Don’t ever shy away from a chance to be sweet.

My friend Julie has taken it a step further. She’s collected all sorts of sweetness in an eBook about LOVE. And she’s giving it away free on her blog. Why? Because she’s hoping that in the spirit of love, you will make a donation to Career Gear.

Okay… yes… this is shameless promotion! But get I nothing for it this except the joy of giving! 🙂 Julie’s mission is “To spread happiness & positivity and to make a difference for people struggling with the recession.” I’m so down with that! It’s an inspiring collection of poetry. A great gift for your spouse, a friend, or yourself.

Download the book for free. Then, donate to Career Gear. It’ll only be up from today through Saturday, Valentine’s Day.

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