How to Have the Heart Grow Fonder

Husband and I may have started a tradition that could be considered a bit unconventional, but it works for me.  I say “may have” because this is only the second year of taking separate vacations with the kids.  (As in, I fly solo with the kids on a vacation.  Then he flies solo with the kids on vacation.)  I don’t know how long we’ll do this — it would be nice to eventually have a family vacation– but for now it works and so far, so good.

Last year, Lola (my BFF) and I took our four boys (aged 10-1) on a weeklong road trip/vacation to visit my Mom & Dad in Durango, Colorado.  It was a lot of craziness, dancing on the brink of insanity, yet we had a great time and made wonderful memories together.

This year, I took my boys (now 5 and 2) on a 13-day road trip/vacation again to Colorado.  First, to visit my brother and his family in Castle Rock and then to visit my parents, where on the last weekend, we held our biennial Davis Family Reunion.  My Mom & I had been planning this event for months and upon my arrival we were getting down to the nitty gritty of activities, games and meals for 30 people mostly from Texas (where we’re all originally from), but now spread out through California, Colorado and North Carolina.

BigBoy's arm around his little brother

I wrote about the road trip through Utah with the boys on my blog (and here) and overall I’m surprised about the number of comments that I received from people shocked that I would drive them solo for two days.  I’m not exactly sure how to respond to their disbelief.  [Read more…]

How to Vacation in Sunny California on a Dime (and a Credit Card)


California, Here We Come

Last year, we flew to sunny San Diego, California for our spring break. It was my big idea for a really frugal vacation because we could use frequent flyer miles. But like many of my big budgeting ideas, they don’t always work out. Frugality’s not my strong suit. However, my youngest brother Matt and his family live there, and we hardly ever get to see them. So, we were going. Here are my tested (not proven) strategies for vacationing for less.

Tip #1 – Go Where the Dollar is Strong

Yup, stay in the U.S. The dollar works pretty well here, despite seeming to lose value daily. We turned in a lifetime accumulation of frequent flyer miles, and $500 later, we had four tickets. Sadly, it felt remarkably like Chuck-e-Cheese tickets where it takes a whole lot of spending to get a tiny little prize. [Read more…]

How to Make School Breaks Great

familyHoliday breaks are a great time for kids to experience new things, grow in new directions, and have fun with the family.  Have you ever wondered how you could make this your child’s best summer yet?  Read the seven tips below to turn a good break into a great one! [Read more…]