Just Keep Swimming

This post is for all the mamas and papas out there of littles, whether of twins or not, that feel like they are “in the trenches”. I feel ‘ya. Those first few weeks, months (years???). Man.

When my B/G twins, youngest of four, stepped on the bus and left for Kindergarten this Wednesday, I sat in my quiet house for a good 30 minutes and looked back at the journey the last five years has been. What came to me was how TRUE this popular (and maybe even a bit cliche) saying is: “the days are LONG but the years are short.”

I also thought, “How the hell did I DO that???!?!?”

h and c first day K 2015 watermark

Lol. No really. Cause what my husband and I did and what you all have done/are doing — it’s the stuff of legends. Parenting our little people – it’s important, hard, a privilege and completely awesome. Not that parenting little people over five is a walk in the park everyday either… but it’s just – easier.

Anyhow, I thought it’d be a timely moment to share about the things that GET US THROUGH. Mine (especially those first two years of life with four and the youngest two being perpetually nursing twins) was this: I would sing a ‘lil Dori from Nemo to myself — “just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…”

Feeling… reflective and blessed today. Thanks for listening. And hey, if you’re parenting kids of ANY age, but most especially babies, toddlers and preschoolers, and you find yourself in need of some encouragement, watch this:

What say you? What gets YOU through??? And if your kiddos are old enough, how’s back to school month 2015/16 going in your world? Comment below.

ps: the pictures above are my littles — first day of life, at 6 months old and then this past Wednesday on their first day of Kindergarten. (Plus here’s a picture of all our kids so I don’t feel guilty. Yep. Mom guilt. Ugh!!!)

tucker kids oct 2014


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Suzanne Tucker, CEIM, Parent Educator:

In over two decades as a physical therapist and parent educator Suzanne has help thousands connect on a deeper level to themselves and their families, teaching Infant Massage and Positive Parenting to organizations and individuals all over the world. Creator of My Mommy Manual, a website/community inspiring parents to “look inside (yourself) for instructions”, author and co-founder of Brentwood Center of Health, a holistic rehabilitation center, Suzanne lives in Saint Louis, Missouri with her husband, their four children, and far too many pets to mention.

How to Nurse a Baby and/or Twins

Before our twins were born this February I went online to search for tips on HOW to nurse twins. Were moms doing this successfully? How? Same time? Not at the same time? So many questions filled my head. And I was a veteran nursing mom so I can only imagine how many questions a first time expectant moms of twins might have. [Read more…]


Hi all. I’m excited to say that Ria and I have planned a USTREAM.TV party with some of our online mommy friends and you’re invited. We’ll be streaming live from my home at 11am on TUESDAY, MARCH 16th and I’d LOVE to introduce you to Hadley and Colin.

The real event of the day is to launch the Yogi Parenting Course, and as I am still on maternity leave, Ria agreed to bring the party to Hadley, Colin and I!!!

Sooooo, not only will we be launching Yogi Parenting… talking with some groovy mom friends about all things parenting AND giving away prizes, but I will finally be able to introduce Hadley and Colin to you as well. One day [Read more…]

38 Weeks: We are so BLESSED!

Welcome our sweet babies, Hadley and Colin Tucker, born Monday, February 1 at 9:58 and 10:02am weighing 6# 7oz and 6# 4oz.

We feel SO blessed and are thankful for all your thoughts and prayers all these months!

Photos will follow I promise….

With love,
Shawn, Suzanne, Reilly and Morgan

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12 Weeks: My Changing Pregnant Body

Best birthday present a girl could get: at midnight I turned 39 and 10 hours later I got to see these two precious angels.


Looking in on their in utero world… I was blown away. Frankly I’m glad they have built-in dance partners in each other ’cause from the looks of it, they have got some hip-hop music going ON in there.

This being the first of my weekly journals through our pregnancy, I thought I might tell you a little bit about what’s been going on in MY world. If you too find yourself at the end of your first trimester, if you are further a long… or if you have EVER been pregnant, some of what I’m about to share might ring a bell.

New Real Estate

How do I say this… zen-ly? There really is no way. I am bodacious. My husband is pleased beyond belief, except for the small fact that this new real estate is, for all practical purposes, OFF LIMITS. You feel me here, ladies? Yeah. I am seriously considering ordering one of these tonight just to let the ‘ole girls know I’m thinking of them.

Just Like in the Movies

Dry heaving. Not an attractive word to type… and not an attractive thing to over hear, but day after day my 6 and 9 year old have been, followed quickly by a smiles and what I hope is reassurance from me, “Mommies OK. I’m not really sick or anything. Just means the babies are doing good in there.” It has gotten to the point now that when I do my thing, the girls just look up and smile at me. I don’t have to say a thing even though I look and sound like the girl in The Exorcist.

And now for a perk some may not find a perk. I have been emotional. I cry at all sorts of things, from hearing a (just about any) song on the radio to opening birthday cards from friends. I don’t mind my extra emotive behavior most of the time. All this high emotion; it’s cool in my book. I’m feeling things so deeply and that includes things like love and joy and gratitude. Although, you might ask my husband to interject a line or two here about the joys of living with an emotional pregnant woman. HA!

Major Plus

And the best thing about being 12 weeks into this pregnancy: I am offically through with the 1st trimenster!!! This means all sorts of good things for us statistically, and we are comforted by this. Another facet of being 12 weeks along is that as pregnancy hormones (the sort that make you sick at least… ) run “highest” week 10-12 (per my OB) I may start feeling better any second!!!… a MAJOR PLUS. Bye- bye Regan (Exorcist reference in case you missed it.)

I’d love to hear one of your pregnancy stories below, past or present. There’s one thing for sure, pregnancies are ripe with stories and memories for the picking. Share yours with me?

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How Spirit Moves

Suzanne Tucker, aka Zen Mommy
In addition to mommying to two magical girls born in 2000 and 2003, Suzanne co-owns a holistic health center with her husband Shawn in St. Louis, Missouri where she practices as a physical therapist, Certified Infant Massage Instructor and health education teacher. Certified in a number of healing and life education approaches, Suzanne is a Co-creator of My Mommy Manual and the online parenting course, Yogi Parenting, a positive parenting approach for raising kids of all ages.

How Spirit Moves

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