How to Make Changes That Stick

According to one survey, the top three resolutions made by Americans in 2009 are:
1. Losing weight — 20%
2. Quitting smoking — 16%
3. Spending less — 12%

About 80% of people who make resolutions stop keeping them by mid-February. Two-thirds of dieters gain back any lost weight within a year. Many people make and break the same resolution year after year.

Those factoids were compiled by Gretchen Rubin this morning. A little depressing, isn’t it? Why can’t people seem to get out of their ruts?! Maybe it’s what Dr. Unson said in my last post on change… change is scary. But c’mon, is losing weight scary? More positively stated, is being healthy scary? Is doing what you love, scary? Read Tracy Bautista’s tips on how to make changes in your routine… and how to make them stick. [Read more…]