Pajama Party Credits

Our theme word for 2009 is CONNECTION. 1) We’re all connected and 2) We just can’t do anything ALONE…and it wouldn’t be any FUN if we did!


1 pajama party

3 hours

1,382 attendees

46 Winners

$1,207 for

Although gratitude is ongoing, we want to take a [page] to thank everyone who stepped up to pull of this stunt in less than 10 days.

Thank you to everyone who bought raffle tickets, including our ludite friends in the real world (Yeah, I saw YOU on there too!). And we’re working on the drawing! Scroll down to the end for WINNER’S LIST!

Thank you to everyone who promoted, linked to, tweeted about the fundraiser. We made it to #3 on last night… just above Britney Spears!

Wondering what we’re talking about? Here’s the scoop! And yes, we taped the whole thing so don’t miss out on the great expert entrepreneurial advice from guest PJ Party-ers: Guy Kawasaki, Lewis Howes, and Elena Verlee as well as words from the trenches — business owners in attendance! [Read more…]