Mindful Parents, Mindful Kids

What does “mindfulness” mean? As developmental psychologist, Dr. Sophia Pierroutsakos explains, it is a conscious relationship that we have with all the people and circumstances happening around us.

How can mindfulness help us and our children? We produced an hour-long documentary on the subject. The video is available for immediate download for $19.95. Watch this 2-minute trailer for a preview.

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Mindful Parents, Mindful Kids offers wonderful ideas for stepping back and focusing on what is important in life. From managing the screens in your household to managing relationships to managing yourself, the wisdom of Dr. Pierroutsakos is relevant and helpful. Too often we find ourselves pushing back against the “givens” when, in fact, they don’t need to be a given at all. Her thoughts were helpful and inspiring.

Tom Hoerr, Ph.D.
Educator and Author
on Multiple Intelligences (MI) and School Leadership

What a refreshing perspective on parenting! Instead of the usual discipline-focused lecture, this video gives parents power and wisdom.

In her soft and calm way, Sophia helps parents realize their role in raising children with a mindful attitude towards life. In this presentation, Sophia teaches simple and practical techniques to empower parents to take charge over their emotions and shift from reactive parenting to mindful parenting.  With wonderful explanations backed by research, she helps parents identify the obstacles that get in the way of parents and children building their emotional intelligence.

I believe that watching Mindful Parents, Mindful Kids will start every parent on a new path in parenting where being mindful is a basic tool to raising great kids.

Ronit Baras
Parenting Coach, Speaker, Autho

Thumbs up for this educational and informative video for parents! It teaches the practice, skills and benefits of mindfulness which is an important resource tool for parenting all ages. Being simply present in each moment helps kids and adults to better relate and learn.

Beck Brittain, Ph.D.
The Mothering Coach

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