How to Protect Yourself Online

Do you purchase items online using credit cards? How about frequenting chat rooms and/or forums? Do you spend time sitting at your computer online reading news, blogs, emailing or searching for information?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes” then maybe it is time to think about the security of your computer. It is so easy to think, “that would never happen to me! Why take the time and thought to worry over something that will never occur. After all, who would be interested in me, my identity or my computer?”

The answer:  Hackers!

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How to Open Your Windows and Doors


I had a little freak out last night, folks. A completely irrational/completely emotional (whichever way you want to look at it) reaction to an external circumstance. I discovered that someone that I feel I am in complete dis-harmony with was encroaching on my personal space, my “safe place.” I surprised myself at how angry I got. I got so angry that I actually went back and made a comment on Zen Mommy’s post on Accepting the Unacceptable. My #themeword is AUTHENTICITY and here was someone who represents everything spurious… a lie… a fake… that which I name as the most unacceptable, coming into MY SPACE. And bless her, ZM called me with some of her wisdom… “Whatever this triggers in you is what you get to forgive.”


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