How to Do the Homework Hokey Pokey

No animals were harmed in the making of this film.

Those are the last words I recall before falling asleep. I stayed up way past my bedtime while watching a DVD of the cult classic: The Doberman Gang. And, that was after completing an impressive heap of homework—not mine—my son’s.teens_homework

Motherly worries made it difficult to sleep after what felt like a tag-team wrestling match over homework. How can we have a child who will do everything in his power to avoid doing homework when both his father and I were the type of kids who had near panic attacks if we slipped up on just one assignment? [Read more…]

How to Organize Your Kid’s School Items

I don’t know about you but my kids are like squirrels! Last week, I opened up their backpacks and found… yes, about 5 pounds of acorns in them. Seriously. I am both impressed with their ability to see magical possibilities in every scrap of paper and stray bottlecap. However, the problem is Volume Control.

I met with my friend and Expert Mommy, Claire Keeling about how to organize the black holes, a.k.a. school lockers and backpacks!

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How to Save Money for College

Join one of our Expert Mommies, Carrie Silver-Stock as she talks with high school students about some practical tips about how to save money for college and get ready for the college application process.

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