Suffering from the Terrible Two’s? Remember to BIRP

If you find yourself complaining about your tot, wondering aloud, “WHERE DID MY SWEET ANGEL GO?!?!” know this… you are not alone.

Here’s a tool to help you with the many power struggles that go along with raising a two year old. I hope it helps.

First and most importantly, disengage from the power struggle.

I love this visual: if one person drops their end of the rope, it’s awful hard to play tug-o-war.

DROP YOU END OF THE ROPE whenever possible. The next time you and your two year old child lock horns (works for all ages but especially for two year old kids) think BIRP. Not as in belching although that might work to bring levity to the situation, but BIRP as in:

B: Boundaries
I: Independence
R: Ritual
P: Play

The first two letters stand for our BOUNDARIES and their INDEPENDENCE, the cause of many if not most of our power struggles. Both are [Read more…]

How Does Christmas LIVE in Your Family

What does Christmas mean for your kids and your family? In 2009, it is so easy to be overwhelmed with all the stuff AND all the activities that are SUPPOSED to happen during the holiday season. How do you create meaning from all of it? We share some of our rituals. What are yours?

How to Connect with Your Teen, in the Kitchen

Food for Thought — The Kitchen Connection

teen_boysIn our house there are two females: the dog and me.  My husband and I have three sons, ages 13, 12 and “almost 11.” I was ecstatic with the arrival of each of our sons.  But that didn’t keep me from being a bit disappointed as I imagined a future that would not include:

  • Barbie anything.  I was right.  I did not miss the tiny shoes that I heard were a threat to young siblings, new vacuums and barefoot parents.  However, we did experience similar situations arising due to stray pieces from Lego Space, Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones. [Read more…]