How to Get Bound with a Book

My dad died a long time ago,  long before I had children. Yet, among other things, we are still bound by a book. It’s a hardcover edition of Mark Twain’s short stories. My dad bought it when I was a toddler and gave it to me the night before I got married, telling me that Twain’s humor and wisdom would come in handy in the years ahead. It did, and it still does.

book_boundWhen you share a book with someone it’s as if you’re saying “I value what’s in this book enough to want to share it with you because I value you too.” Simple sentiments become more powerful when accompanied by a book.

Parents of small children know how important “book/cuddle time” is to raising a reader and making essential connections. Parents of preteens and teens can continue to build a special closeness through books: [Read more…]

Zen Mommy Minute: “Book Cuddling”

This week I am spending four amazing days soaking up the best of the best when it comes to the latest in early childhood development at the Parents As Teachers 25th National Conference. Yep, it’s all happening this week in my hometown of St. Louis (how lucky can a girl GET?!?!) and My Mommy Manual is there with Media Passes to cover the full event. You can expect a number of posts in the days and weeks to come inspired by the darn-knowledgeable, topical and FUN presenters we’re seeing.

How are Practical Mommy and I enjoying the conference thus far? Just think “kid in a candy store” and you’ve got the idea. Yesterday at a workshop entitled “Read With Me” I was reminded of the importance of reading with kids. I know you hear a lot about this topic from doctors, magazines, etc… but let me tell you about the message I got from this session that had a refreshing twist! Learn more in this one minute video and/or by reading on!

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