How to Start Talking Birds & Bees

I pulled this video because, one, my girlfriends and I, all mother’s of ten year old girls, were JUST talking about this over lunch the other day. We were all in different places as far as having had “the talk” but agreed it was time if one hadn’t begun to share about this important subject . I for one think any age is a good age to talk about sex , or in the bigger picture, sexuality, with your kids as long as they are asking questions and are interested in your answers. Starting de-mystifies the whole topic so that one day you don’t have to just out of the blue ask your son or daughter to have the big TALK.

I remember having it with my mom and all I can say is that it was uncomfortable, not helpful, isolated occurrence. I wanted to go about things differently with my kids so we’ve been talking about sex in little and big ways since potty training. It started with my husband and I using the correct anatomical names for body parts instead of woo-woo or whatever else we might have come up with. 😉 We said (and still say) vagina. It’s not that it’s so easy for me to speak freely about all things sexuality with my kids, it’s just that it’s IMPORTANT to me. So I do. I sometimes even go a little out of my way to bring the topic up following something we see on television or out and about.

Have you started to have conversations with your teen/tween about how their bodies are changing: why they need to start wearing deodorant or when they can start shaving or why everyone is whispering about Suzy and Johnny? Watch this VIDEO of a Girls in the Know session with Dr. Denise Meckler, OB/GYN and this one by Ria and I on How to Talk About Sex. I hope they get the conversations started in your home or maybe just a bit further along.

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