How to Massage Your Pregnant Belly

Put on some relaxing music and follow along with this video on prenatal belly massage for a therapeutic bonding time with your baby!


1.  A good time to start is the middle to end of your second trimester, especially if you are already feeling your baby(s) move.

2. Sit on your bed or a couch with a couple pillows behind your back. Avoid lying flat.

3. Use oil over lotion as lotion tends to dry out quickly. Pick something that will help you avoid stretch marks.

4. Use light pressure and work at a comfortable pace.

5. Remember to breathe and have fun. This is a special time for you to connect with your baby. xo

I’m really feeling our sweet little baby boy and girl move now. Though I’ve claimed to feel them for many weeks, secretly I’ve wondered, “Am I just having some serious trouble digesting something?!?!” These kicks lately are undeniable…  to the point where my husband and the kids can put their hands on the growing bump and feel them too. Awww. This has got to be one of the best parts about being pregnant; these sweet, not-yet-painful little love bumps that say, “Hi mom, we’re in here!!!” Just felt one now. How’s that for timing? *smiles*

Now, as any veteran pregnant women will tell you, I am fully aware that these love bumps have the power to turn into a whole ‘nother thing entirely. I have not forgottenthe foot lodged in my right lower rib cage for the final 8 weeks of carrying Miss Reilly, our first. I have not forgotten being woken up in the middle of the night by Miss Morgan, our second, and her late night raves in the final few weeks of that pregnancy.

These love bumps make me want to do some bumping back. Thinking about how much I like massage… how much my own babies and the babies whose parents I teach Infant Massage like massage, I figure now is the time for me to begin massaging our twins regularly. Yep… it’s Belly Massage time!!!

I just got oil for preventing stretch marks and it’s perfect for this. As it’s made from some of the same oils I recommend using on new babies (Almond and Grapeseed) among other things, this bottle will take me right into when I’ll actually massaging our sweet little babies after birth too. Click here for details and the video on how you can do this too. That way if you want to tell your baby(s) “I love you” in their first language (touch is the first sense babies develop inutero),  if you want to bond with your baby(s) well before they are born via massage, and on a practical level, if you want to help yourself avoid stretch marks, you can!

Write and tell me if you are enjoying feeling movements from your little peanut yet. And if you’re not pregnant now but have been, around what week do you remember feeling your babies move? Finally, if you ever done belly massage and/or  Infant Massage with your babies, tell me all about it. (One of my favorite things to talk about in the world!)


When we follow our bliss, anything is possible. I hope you walk with me and other moms here because motherhood (and life) is better when we’re holding hands.

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