How to Care for Your Preemie at Home

Nicole Bohorad, co-founder of and mom of a preemie is back to share tips on how to care for your preemie once you’re home together. Nicole points out that temperature regulation is essential to the care of your infant.

She also shares more details and resources on temperature control and breastfeeding your preemie in this helpful .pdf: My Mommy Manual & Parentville Interview 2

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How to Care for Your Preemie in the NICU

Mom of preemie, Nicole Bohorad shares some tips on how you can participate in the care of your infant in the NICU. Nicole attests that support and being empowered with knowledge goes a long way. So although no one plans or hopes to go into labor prematurely, take a few moments to listen in the event that you do!

Nicole has also shared this tip sheet with additional information and resources on caring for your premie: Parentville Preemie Resources

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