How to Survive The First Six Weeks With The Newborn – It’s Been a Hard Day’s Hard Night!

How to Organize The Daily Chores – I’ll Get by With a Little Help From my Friends (and Family)
The day my baby and I got home from the hospital I felt so lost and inadequate, mostly because I was still unsuccessfully trying to breastfeed. And somehow get a hold of my life again, the new life with the baby. The house was a mess and so were my husband and I, hardly sleeping or eating.

I was never  a perfectionist about the house chores before. However when the baby came I, as if under spell, I become one.

Fortunately, I had a whole army of volunteers by my side, and this is how we got organized, which is also my advice to you. [Read more…]

How To Prevent Post-Partum Depression

After struggling through the depths of post-partum depression following the birth of my son 7 years ago, I was curious when I heard that there might actually be a way to prevent a repeat of that scenario. I was a little skeptical at first. Was it really possible to prevent post-partum depression (PPD)? Isn’t that just “one of those things” that some women go through following childbirth?

Prior to conceiving again, I was right smack in the middle of the certification process to become a childbirth educator…which meant I was doing lots and lots of reading! It seemed only natural to do further research in the prevention of PPD along with all my other studying. So what was this new-fangled way to prevent PPD? Well, it wasn’t really anything “new” at all, but rather an age-old concept that has been practiced for thousands of years, cross-culturally. It’s called placentaphagy.

“Placenta-what?!” It’s a big word but the concept of placentaphagy is quite simple: a female consumes her placenta following the birth of her child. Ok, don’t bail on me just yet! Hear me out on this one because it is such an important practice that most Americans know little about. I know the grossness factor may have about bowled you over at first, but stay with me.

The placenta is often referred to as The Tree of Life. [Read more…]