How to See Gifts in All Experiences

hidden_gifts1I was totally inspired by this post from Scott Noelle. If you don’t subscribe to his Daily Groove, I’d highly recommend it. It sets a great tone for my day:

“Perfectionistic parenting is rooted in the false idea that it’s bad to make a mistake or fall short of one’s expectations.

But if you think about it, you can derive value from any experience — no matter how “bad” it is or how much pain it involves — IF you’re willing to look for the hidden gifts.

The hidden gift is like your child’s invisible friend. [Read more…]

How to Make People Smile

This short film made me smile!!! It’s 16:23 minutes that will brighten your day. It starts with the idea of validation… isn’t it interesting how people continually look for it outside of themselves?! Even Hugh, the character in the clip gets his validation from getting people to smile, even though ultimately, someone else’s happiness isn’t really in his control. Gosh, this sounds a bit like that “savior complex” of mine! [Read more…]