How to Keep the Peace on Family Trips

Can you hear, “Are we there yet?!?!?” and “He touched me!!@#!!” already? If taking a family trip sounds more stressful than fun, here are five tips to help you prepare.

Chevy Chase and the family in National Lampoon's Vacation. Warner Bros. 1983

These simple, low cost ideas will help you keep the peace when traveling as a family this Memorial Day weekend and all summer long.


  • Give yourself a $10 budget per child.
  • Think maze books and all things arts and crafts.
  • Remember, pencils don’t stain like markers or melt like crayons.
  • Be sure to tuck away one or two things for the ride home. [Read more…]

How to Not Go Insane

Ever read this? “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.” I can’t remember who said this but I have heard it many times. Three separate times this week alone in fact, from three very different sources. You better believe my ears perked up. You don’t have to hit me over the head, or at least more than three times, to get my attention.

Insanity, now there’s a topic we all know a little bit about if we’re going to be really honest with each other. There is just something about the combination of sudden weight gain, postnatal hormones, sleep deprivation and being introduced to the toughest most rewarding job on the planet…parenthood…that can make a girl go a little mad.

Examining Our Lives

So maybe as moms and as women facing a large number of challenges in our lives, seemingly all at the same time in our life, maybe, just maybe we can glean something from these words of wisdom. I know for me this week, these words have helped me examine what my ways of “doing” and “being” are bringing.

Here’s a perfect example. I am a led foot driver. Most passengers in my car would attest to this. I realized even my kids had noticed when one day as I was driving on the highway and another car passed us, my kids yelled “Go FASTER mom, go FASTER!” Not only that, but I’m not a very good rule follower in general when it comes to driving. I have perfected the St. Louis roll…nearly stopping but not quite when I encounter a stop sign. You get the idea. And I never get tickets. But this week it all changed for me. This week I got not one but two tickets. One for parking in an area I KNEW I wasn’t supposed to park in because I wanted to run in and out of a shop; busted; the other for pulling one of my famous rolling stops, apparently less than legal.

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How to Get What You Want

Let’s play a game and see if we can make this happen by the time you are done reading this article. It’s a fill in the blank type game. Read the following question and answer it off the top of your head. Be as specific as you can and really do write this down:

If I could have just one thing I REALLY WANT right now, it would be:

(Fill in the blank here!)

Awesome. Now think for a moment why you want this. Will it bring you peace, joy or happiness? Usually yes, it would help bring some form of one of these three words. Which one of these is it for you? Or is there something else that has you wanting this besides peace, joy and happiness? Think about this for a minute and when you have it boiled down to one word or a short phrase, answer the following:

If I get what I REALLY WANT (line one), I will feel/be:

(Fill in the blank here!)

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