How To “BE” With Your Tweens

Picture: Camp Weloki Fall Weekend

If you’ve been wondering about things you can do with your tween to create connection, look no further. This list of 10 fun and creative ideas, brought to you by Camp Weloki Founder and My Mommy Manual “Expert Daddy”  Dr. Tim Jordan, is sure to get you started!

1. Ask your tween what they’d like to do: Give them more and more control as each year goes by as to the what, when and where you might spend some one-on-one time together. [Read more…]

Expert Mommy: Secrets Girls Keep

Carrie Silver-Stock is a licensed clinical social worker. Her new book, Secrets Girls Keep addresses the fact that too many teen girls are trapped by their secrets. So much so that girls hide their depression, eating disorders, pregnancies, and sexual relationships.

[Read more…]