Month One: SUPPORT

I have been mama to one sweet baby girl and one sweet baby boy for all of 15 days. Though the main question I hear from friends and family is “How is it GOING?”, the concerned look in their eyes and the tone of their voice says something more like “How completely insane is your life these days?!@#!!!” I feel almost bad as I sit to journal with you today that I don’t have a bunch of “how-insane-my-life-is-with-newborn-twins” stories to share. Am I in denial? No. So why am I not pulling my hair out or falling down with sleep deprivation? In a word: S-U-P-P-O-R-T. My friends and family are teaching me the real meaning [Read more…]

Week 30: Sage “New-Mom” Advice from a Friend

mom cleaning toiletI can explain the toilet picture that accompanies this post, I promise. Let me back up. This week I went to lunch with a friend. Molly is not just any friend; she has the distinction of being my sole-close-mom-friend raising MULTIPLES. Molly is the proud and loving mother of triplets, one boy and two girls now six years old. With our twins just 2 months from arriving, coupled with my propensity for seeking advice from other moms (can you say “MyMommyManual”?!?!) you can imagine how eager I was to pick her brain over salad and some tasty St. Louis style toasted raviolis.

About ten minutes into lunch it became clear to me – I needed to take notes. Too many pearls of wisdom were falling from her mouth to risk missing even one, so out came my iphone with it’s “notes” application and this is what I captured:

  1. No One Gets in the Door Who Wouldn’t Scrub Your Toilet: This was by far my favorite. She told me [Read more…]