Zen Mommy Minute: Skinned Knees Rock

It is important to allow our children to fail. To fall down. To be disappointed. Sound harsh? Believe it or not, it actually helps our kids build self-esteem and self confidence when we refrain from “saving” them from life.

It also helps our children grow when they see us modeling acceptance in the midst of our own “not-perfect” moments. Example: You arrive 10 minutes late to school pick up and as they climb in the car you say, “I’m sorry I’m late for pickup today guys! How was your day?” with a smile instead of modeling GUILT with something like “I am soooooooo soooooorry I’m late. I feel so bad. I thought I could get another errand done in time. That was so stupid of me. Man. I hate when I do that…” or something to that effect.

When we swoop in and fix things for our kids before they get to experience the consequences of their own less than perfect moments (forgotten lunches, unsigned permission slips, messy rooms with laundry that needs to be thrown down or risk missing laundry day, etc) we are actually doing our kids a disservice, keeping them from a potential lesson in self love and what it takes to “be with” imperfection and disappointments.

What do you do when your child leaves his or her lunch/homework/gym shorts at home??!?!!

Do you remember being a kid and learning from life when it gave you a skinned knee or two?

I’d love to hear about how this topic of skinned knees (and their many blessings) lives for you.



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How to Keep the Peace on Family Trips

Can you hear, “Are we there yet?!?!?” and “He touched me!!@#!!” already? If taking a family trip sounds more stressful than fun, here are five tips to help you prepare.

Chevy Chase and the family in National Lampoon's Vacation. Warner Bros. 1983

These simple, low cost ideas will help you keep the peace when traveling as a family this Memorial Day weekend and all summer long.


  • Give yourself a $10 budget per child.
  • Think maze books and all things arts and crafts.
  • Remember, pencils don’t stain like markers or melt like crayons.
  • Be sure to tuck away one or two things for the ride home. [Read more…]

Month Two: Tummy Time

I remember tweeting with a dad of twins and he told me “the first three weeks are the honeymoon period. Enjoy them!” And he was right! Baby girl and baby boy are now much more awake than when we first brought them home. Just when you’re getting used to the routine… eat, sleep, wake, diaper change, eat, sleep, wake… (you get the picture) things have changed. The GOOD NEWS is this gives us plenty of time to play. Here are some ideas to keep you and your nearly two month old baby active during their increasing alert time:

  • Tummy time. Get out the camera ’cause you never know if your ttle one will ROLL for the first time like my baby girl did here!

  • Massage time
  • Bath time
  • Go outside and smell the fresh air / take a walk
  • Play music, sing and dance. No one is watching… I promise 😉

Send me your newborn play ideas. I’d love some tips as baby boy and baby girl are awake and ready to play more and more each day!

Positive Parenting Tip: Power

positive_Parenting_tipOur Yogi Parenting audio tips are presented every Friday by Michaela Turner, BS Ed, CYKT, YKT, Co-Founder Yogi Parenting

Listen to this :15 AUDIO TIP:

Michaela is a 30 year veteran educator and a Certified YogaKids Teacher and Trainer. She teaches yoga baby and yoga kids classes for children throughout St. Louis, Missouri. As the Co-founder of the online parenting course, Yogi Parenting, Michaela offers tips on parenting and seminars nationally, blending her joy for yoga with her love for children.

Zen Mommy Minute: The Words We Use

Here are some thoughts about the words we use and ideas on how words can help or hurt us in our parenting. Whether you are pregnant with your first or raising teens, we can all benefit from watching for a few important words like should, try, need and MY/MINE and the messages they convey.

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Zen Mommy Minute: “I Yam What I Yam”

I can hear Popeye now “I Yam what I Yam…”. Parent or not, this week, let’s embrace the “I” that is our “true-self”. Let’s allow the things we do with our kids during the day, at their schools, etc.. to flow from these innate parts of our personalities…

not from only a sense of duty or obligation. Our children will see us in our bliss and learn that they too can love who they are and use their gifts on a daily basis to make a difference in the world.

Let’s parent in a way that is in line with [Read more…]

Zen Mommy Minute: Happy and Free

Sometimes in yoga, at the end of class we sit with our eyes closed and chant a prayer for all the world…”May all beings everywhere be happy and free.”

Just thinking (as I watch this clip of the kids on our recent trip to St. Simons Island, Georgia) that this is how we might all look… [Read more…]

How To Be Who You Are

morgan-iiiI am reminded today that I was never so much who I am as I was when I was a child. [Read more…]

How to Recognize Grace

bio-picHmmm… realizing my ‘momminess’ seems to occur every day. I have been gracefully giving in for some time now (and often not so gracefully). Recently, my daughter and I were screaming at each other, raging madness. I classically ‘pulled the car over’ and jumped out to look her in the eye, I was serious about whatever it was we were discussing. She so badly wanted to take a swing at me, her little hand clenched and trembling, pretending she had no intention, tears streaming…I bit my lip and loved her enough to let her hate me for that moment. And realized how deeply we were connected and how strongly my role requiring patience and calm and laughter had just been defined.

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How to Not Go Insane

Ever read this? “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.” I can’t remember who said this but I have heard it many times. Three separate times this week alone in fact, from three very different sources. You better believe my ears perked up. You don’t have to hit me over the head, or at least more than three times, to get my attention.

Insanity, now there’s a topic we all know a little bit about if we’re going to be really honest with each other. There is just something about the combination of sudden weight gain, postnatal hormones, sleep deprivation and being introduced to the toughest most rewarding job on the planet…parenthood…that can make a girl go a little mad.

Examining Our Lives

So maybe as moms and as women facing a large number of challenges in our lives, seemingly all at the same time in our life, maybe, just maybe we can glean something from these words of wisdom. I know for me this week, these words have helped me examine what my ways of “doing” and “being” are bringing.

Here’s a perfect example. I am a led foot driver. Most passengers in my car would attest to this. I realized even my kids had noticed when one day as I was driving on the highway and another car passed us, my kids yelled “Go FASTER mom, go FASTER!” Not only that, but I’m not a very good rule follower in general when it comes to driving. I have perfected the St. Louis roll…nearly stopping but not quite when I encounter a stop sign. You get the idea. And I never get tickets. But this week it all changed for me. This week I got not one but two tickets. One for parking in an area I KNEW I wasn’t supposed to park in because I wanted to run in and out of a shop; busted; the other for pulling one of my famous rolling stops, apparently less than legal.

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