How to Design Your Nursery

One of the added perks of expecting a new member of the family is designing that very precious nursery. For me, that was really fun! During my visit with Corey Goellner, owner of Goodnite Rooms, she shared the latest trends in nursery design.

Makes me want to do it all over again! Well, the nursery… not so much the pregnancy/baby part! ūüėČ [Read more…]

Week 31: Newborn Baby Checklists

listI am making¬†my list and checking it twice. It’s been¬†almost seven¬†years since I’ve brought a newborn¬†home from the hospital and I¬†am definitely¬†suffering from¬†some sort of mommy amnesia when it comes to remembering what I’ll need to have on hand. If you too are suffering from this rare disease or if perhaps it is your first time welcoming home a baby, let me enlighten you on what I’ve found. Here are are¬†a few Newborn Checklists to help you prepare: [Read more…]

26 Weeks: The Nursery

nursery inspiration picThis seems like the perfect time to begin thinking about how we are going to decorate our nursery for the twins. I am psyched for that this go around it need not be “unisex” as it has the two times I’ve “done” a nursery room in the past, not knowing the sex of our babies before they were born. I know what we are having: a boy and a girl. So though I will not go all pink or race cars, I can confidently move into a design that makes sense for both.

We are two weeks from being in the third trimester. “RBE” or Rapid Belly Expansion [Read more…]

How to Organize for Baby

cribSo here you are, standing in the middle of what used to be your guest room or office. Never did you think the slick blue gray walls would be painted over in robins egg blue; the industrial photos of the Madison St Bridge would be replaced by soft illustrations of favorite storybook characters. Yes, it‚Äôs time to get ready for baby. The crib is purchased the changing table is ready to be taken out of the box. Is there something you are missing? What other steps need to be taken to organize your space to make room for the special creature you are about to meet? [Read more…]

How to Prepare Your Baby’s Crib

I always say that the prettiest baby cribs are ones with no babies in them yet! That’s when your crib and nursery look absolutely pristine. Snap a few pictures now while the ribbons on the bumper are placed just so… like a vignette from Cookie. No messy burb cloths slung on the sides. No used diapers that didn’t manage to make it all the way into the diaper genie.

For me, style became secondary to ease very, very quickly. I’ll let someone else give you design tips. My advice… get those mattress pads and sheet savers in place! I tell every soon-to-be mommy to get at least two Ultimate Crib Sheets. [Read more…]