How to Prepare Expectant Fathers For Birth – Part 2

So in part 1 of this series, I talked about the importance of first breaking down the communication barriers between men and women. This month, my focus will be on educating and equipping dads for labor and birth.

It’s commonplace for first-time expectant parents in the US to register for some sort of childbirth preparation classes. A mom-to-be might have to twist her partner’s arm to get him to even touch a pregnancy book. But mention a “how-to” childbirth class and often times he’ll more willingly participate. With busy lifestyles, it’s understandable why some men (and women, too) would be more inclined to take an accelerated childbirth prep class (6 weeks worth of information condensed into one, 8-hour session). While these “express” classes may accommodate our hectic schedules, they are doing little to adequately prepare both women and men for birth. So here are some options to consider when researching classes that will meet the needs of expectant fathers: [Read more…]