Week 36: Pre-Birth ENERGY

After weeks and weeks of planning, fixing up the nursery, washing and folding baby clothes, etc, etc… I’ve still managed to wake up each morning this week with new “To-Do-Before-Giving-Birth” items. I see each day as a gift of time… 24 hours to do the things that I’ve either flat out forgotten to do or, to be quite honest, do not need to do prior to labor, but left undone, would surely fall by the wayside for a couple months.

What are some of these “to-do’s” magically popping into my brain [Read more…]

13 Weeks: Mindful Nesting

broomI know it’s only been seven days since last I wrote… but I seriously feel like I could write a novel this week. Chapters? They would be:

Chapter 1: Things my hubby and I are talking about

Chapter 2: Things I am thinking about

Chapter 3: Things I am doing… already!@#@ to prepare for our babies

You get the picture. It’s this last chapter, the “doing” one that freaks me out a little. I’m just one foot in the door into second trimester and apparently I am nesting (or some warped version of nesting there of.) [Read more…]