How to Honor the Bond with YOUR mom

nanaandnewborncharlieAfter experiencing a miscarriage at 10 weeks, Chuck and I were ecstatic when we found we were pregnant again about a year later. I think the first of many defining moments for me was when we had taken Charlie home and my folks were staying with us. Momma and I had been closer before I left home for school than just prior to the birth of her first grandchild, but as a Momma she knew somehow when Charlie was coming and arrived before the BIG event.

Chuck and I were to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary just days after bringing Charlie home and my folks were going to stay with him while we went out to celebrate (I could actually fit into street clothes). Imagine my surprise when I walked in on my mom talking with her new grandson, using the same intonation and inflection I did when I talked with him. It was not only a “I’m really a mom” moment but a redefining of Momma’s and my relationship. We only grew closer after that.

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