How to Name Your Core Values

In the span of 24 hours I got this same message from two different sources, once from my dear friend Morgan who shared Writing Your Life Manifesto and the other from the Mondo Beyondo online class I just started this week. Morgan says a manifesto is “a public declaration of intentions.” So in the wee hours of the night last night, I set about the business of claiming mine.

Mondo Beyondo’s Lesson 3 is Identifying Your Core Values. Companies and organizations do it, and those declarations guide all their strategic planning. The United States has a constitution and again, it is these ideas that are the highest, guiding beliefs of our nation. We all take this constitution for granted. Have you ever asked yourself where these beliefs stand in relation to your own? How about the companies and organizations that you work for or support? Are they in alignment with your personal core values or personal constitution?

Our dreams take on a new life when we understand how what we long for is shaped by what matters to us the very most.” ~ Andrea Scher [Read more…]

How to Dream BIG

You may know that I’ve signed up for the May session of Mondo Beyondo. I first heard about it from  Heidi Howes. She explained that it was all about dreaming BIG. Most of us train ourselves to have dreams that are “attainable” or “reasonable” — dreams that we think we have a fair chance of achieving. But the idea behind a “MONDO BEYONDO list” is reaching far; declaring and writing down those truly outrageous dreams that require a leap of faith.

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