This is My Sign

butterfly-signI originally wrote this for Looking Glass Lane on “Show-n-Tell” Wednesday in the clubhouse… and wanted to share it with you, my My Mommy Manual friends. As Zen Mommy, dubbed Terra Firma Esoteric by Leigh and the other Looking Glass girls, I thought this, my first show-n-tell would be on something that gives me peace. [Read more…]

How to Write A Dossier

Dossier ~ file containing detailed records on a particular person or subject.

You may have heard rumblings of something new afoot in the lives of Zen Mommy and Practical Mommy. A few heartfelt conversations regarding Bad Mother has turned into a wild ride down the rabbit hole to Looking Glass Lane. We are all about connection here on My Mommy Manual, so it’s no surprise to have found kindred spirits in Twitterville. We’ve linked arms with three other influential mamas. You can read their dossiers here (@MissIve, @FleurdeLeigh, @ModernSingleMom, @ZenMommy).


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