How to Dream BIG

You may know that I’ve signed up for the May session of Mondo Beyondo. I first heard about it from  Heidi Howes. She explained that it was all about dreaming BIG. Most of us train ourselves to have dreams that are “attainable” or “reasonable” — dreams that we think we have a fair chance of achieving. But the idea behind a “MONDO BEYONDO list” is reaching far; declaring and writing down those truly outrageous dreams that require a leap of faith.

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How to Measure Success

Success is an elusive idea. Throughout our lives, we are trained to look to some external measure of success, whether it be a glowing report card or a college/post-graduate degree, a great performance review, or a big fat end-of-the-year bonus. During my career, I felt relatively secure of my success based on ongoing feedback from my superiors. The mere fact that I had a job, that someone was willing to pay me x amount, provided me some objective measure of my value. Well, when I chose to stay home with the kids, I pretty much kissed all of that goodbye.

Now what? In the years I spent as a full-time stay-at-home-mom, I was swirling with doubt and confusion about whether or not I was any good at it. I mean, do they even have a job description for this thing that I do 24/7/365? When is my next raise and for the love of… when is my next vacation??? [Read more…]

How to Do What You Love

There is one thing in this world you must never forget to do. Human beings come into this world to do a particular work. That work is their purpose, and each is specific to the person. If you forget everything else and not this, there’s nothing to worry about. If you remember everything else and forget your true work, then you will have done nothing with your life.

– Rumi

Yikes! That’s a lot of pressure. But how does one find out what that life purpose is and if you are in fact, on the right path? I don’t know that there is ONE WAY with which people discover their life purpose. For a few lucky ones, it’s something they’ve always known. Do you know someone who, as a child always wanted to work with animals and then grew up to be vet? I knew someone in high school who wanted to be a doctor, specifically a cancer specialist working at Sloan-Kettering in New York. Sure enough, he did. I was always envious of his unwavering certainly.

But if your purpose isn’t saving people or animals, is it still worth doing? If your purpose is just doing something you love, is that gift enough to validate pursuing the dream? I am soooo incredibly lucky to know a few good women who think so. Jen, Tyler, Sharon and Ann respectively own Angelina Accoutrements, Periwinkle Bloom, Secret Leaves Paperworks, and String Buzz. (click the links for more images of their beautiful wares and/or listen to great music, all born of love!) [Read more…]

How to Find Meaning in Your Roles

I’m taking an eCourse right now called Divine Purpose Unveiled! Ooooooh! At first glance, so… unlike “Practical Mommy,” don’t you think? One of the exercises in the course is to spend some time reflecting on the different roles you play. I don’t know about you but there are times when I feel like the overriding job description of my life is Master Juggler. Seriously though, all of us can list a multitude of roles: mommy, friend, boss, teacher, board member, volunteer, writer, sister, daughter, wife….

The insightful part of the exercise was examining these roles and taking the time to see what qualities (or gifts, I like to say), we get to express in them. Interestingly enough for me, there were some common themes throughout. When I really think about it, I express nurturing, supportiveness, teaching, and listening qualities in almost all of my roles, whether professional or personal (mommy, friend, daughter, sister, consultant). Seems self-evident in hindsight but when you write out this list LONG HAND in a journal and see it plain as day in front of you, it is a powerful thing! What a confirmation that WHO YOU ARE is not limited to your role or job… it’s WHO YOU ARE!

I’m taking a little longer than prescribed for the course but… hey, that’s the beauty of an eCourse! It’s like the Montessori method of self-help! I’ll write more about it soon….

So as you begin to integrate this additional role of mommy into your life, reflect on that. When you start feeling like there is too much on your to-do list, remember that whether or not you get to all those items has nothing to do with your success or failure as a fill-in-the-blank-job-here, even if that job is mommy. This exercise has really been helping me to focus on being that Best Self, regardless of whether I am talking to the cashier at the grocery store or make dinner for my babies!

Follow up… it’s now spring. I completed the course awhile back and talked more about it in this video.

If you have been looking for a compass for your life, this course is great. Here’s the link!