How to Party, Bear-style!

What rock have I been under? My oldest is 6 and I had yet to take her to Build-A-Bear or actually attend a Build-A-Bear party. She and my son have no shortage of bears (thanks to grandma) but until just recently, I had not experienced the magic myself. On October 26, I attended a Mom Blogger Mixer hosted by Build-A-Bear Workshops and MomSelect. The theme was High School Musical 3 to celebrate the movie’s opening weekend so I got to take my two rabid HSM fans. We also got a chance to meet Maxine Clark, who true to her reputation got right down on the floor with the kiddos and played all the games.

Again, I’m probably the only mom on the planet that hasn’t been to a Build-A-Bear party already but I was impressed that the party was a lot more than just bear stuffing! The party leaders led a number of games and activities… in this case, each kid got to sing a line from their favorite High School Musical song. FYI, my girl sang “Can I Have This Dance.” I would say that even for kids as old as six or seven (like mine), Build-A-Bear is a great birthday party option.