How to Boost Your Mood: 7 Easy Ideas

Put energy into helping another person. I work to make my daughter's annual Father Daughter Dance special. We have tea and do her nails to get ready.

Mental Health Breaks for Short-Attention-Span People

Life is a long-term self improvement project. Sometimes we just need a little break to help us feel better fast. Here are some ideas.

1. Take a Real Lunch Break

On the second School Snow Day this winter, I hit a rut. Trying to work from home with high energy kids was driving me nuts. Around lunch time, my friend Alyssa and her kids stopped over on their walk around the block. We scrounged up lunch together. [Read more…]

How to Understand Your Career Direction

mazeUnknown to many people, I wanted to pursue a business degree in marketing as my undergraduate studies but my parents insisted that I choose a career in math or science because I was “good at it.” Listening to my parents, I bounced back and forth between nursing and pre-med with neither option really being an ideal fit. I made it through a grueling four years of science, labs, clinical rotations, and jumping through hoops before realizing that I hadn’t chosen the ideal career path. [Read more…]