Week 34: Like “Cantaloupes”

cantaloupeDon’t you LOVE how in medicine everything is compared to the size of fruit? Well, I can say with confidence after our resent ultrasound that I am carrying two beautiful cantaloupes. Baby boy and girl are each measuring nearly 5 pounds and are predicted to “ripen” in the next 4 weeks or so. Yes. I am the mother of two beautiful, hair on their heads, head down, well positioned cantaloupes. Word has it that due to their ever increasing sizes, they are no longer “floating” inside me but resting their sweet little heads on my pelvic bones. and if you asked my bladder, I promise you, it would concur with this theory.


One major surprise for me in all the pregnancy reading I have done of late is that all this itchiness I am feeling these days may actually be caused by my pregnancy. I had written it off to dry winter skin and a belly pulled as tight as the Little Drummer Boy’s drum. Turns out it could also be due to the increase in estrogen experienced during pregnancy. Sure, I’m still going to limit those long hot-hot-hot showers that feel so good. I’m going to keep applying belly oils and lotions like they are going out of style. But somehow I feel better knowing this itchiness might simply be a hormonal thing.

I am also relieved to not be suffering from something I just read about called “pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy” (say that five times!) PUPPP for short, this awful, itchy skin condition effects about one percent of pregnant women and causes red bumps or welts on the belly, thighs and buttocks.

‘Ya know what? All this itching and scratching I’ve been doing isn’t bothering me so much anymore. Isn’t it funny how all things are relative?

Gotta Love Estrogen

I wonder if it’s this same itchy inducing estrogen that had me crying (for seriously no reason!!!) yesterday. My hubby asked me what was wrong when he found me boo-hoo-ing on the bed and I answered him “I have no freaking idea!” with a laugh and a sob.

Can I also blame estrogen for my long honey-do lists of late? It’s a challenging combination to have one’s mind in full nesting gear but one’s body in more like “resting” gear. Running on few hours of solid sleep and the need to get horizontal every few hours to avoid Braxton Hicks contractions; I’ll tell you what, having a strong, able-bodied man around the house is just too tempting to ignore. We’ve made a joke out of it. In the mornings my husband asks me, “Am I your waiter or your servant today?” I generally answer with a smile, “Both.”

I love the way my husband marvels at all the changes my body is going through. It reminds me to cut myself some slack when I am feeling like a slacker. My body is, at this very moment, putting the finishing touches on two sets of lungs after all. If you are pregnant, how are you feeling? What’s new with your ever changing pregnant body? And which changes have you most in awe (or dread)?

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