How to Get What You Want

Let’s play a game and see if we can make this happen by the time you are done reading this article. It’s a fill in the blank type game. Read the following question and answer it off the top of your head. Be as specific as you can and really do write this down:

If I could have just one thing I REALLY WANT right now, it would be:

(Fill in the blank here!)

Awesome. Now think for a moment why you want this. Will it bring you peace, joy or happiness? Usually yes, it would help bring some form of one of these three words. Which one of these is it for you? Or is there something else that has you wanting this besides peace, joy and happiness? Think about this for a minute and when you have it boiled down to one word or a short phrase, answer the following:

If I get what I REALLY WANT (line one), I will feel/be:

(Fill in the blank here!)

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