Wanting to hold your baby is natural and has benefits for both parents AND baby.

Babywearing. This is literally the ONLY way I was able to grocery shop with my twins (six months old in this picture.) I wore them in different ways at different ages and I hope this review of the hows and whys encourages you to look into the many different babywearing options there are out there for parents these days. They are two now and our sling is still getting a work out, mostly around the house when I’m cleaning up and with light food prep for dinner these days.

Babywearing makes life easier and more comfortable for all, keeping our little ones close while also freeing up hands. Babywearing allowed me to tend to LIFE (including my two older kids) while also meeting my twins most basic needs. The need to be held.  [Read more…]

How to WEAR Your Baby: Part I

I LOVEEEEE baby wearing! In this video, part one of my three part series on baby wearing, I will show you my most fashionable sling… my Hotsling. I love it and though it took a little playing around with the sling to perfect, with this video I’m hoping you will be up and running like a pro in no time with yours!

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