How to Cut Out Holiday Stress

I can’t tell you how many friends I’ve talked to lately that have been bracing themselves for the holiday season. I know, there are a million extra things on your to-do list but… nothing good can come from holding yourself so tightly like that! I’m a one trick pony on advice here… BREATHE!

But Lee Woodruff is the author of Perfectly Imperfect: A Life in Progress. She has some tips for us on beating the stress for the holidays… not just for Thanksgiving, but for all those typically stressful times!

1. Get organized.

2. Ask for help.

3. Reward yourself.

How to Reduce Holiday Stress for Kids

Visualize a heart-filled holiday.
You can do this one at the dinner table. Have everyone in the family close their eyes, focus on their heart, and imagine what kind of holiday will bring joy into their heart. Then share your ideas around the table. This helps kids feel listened to, cared for, and included.kid_stress

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How to Stop Christmas

“Do you know why Santa is always jolly?” my husband said to me last year as we were driving together to purchase our Christmas tree.christmas_tips_on_parenting

“No, why?” I replied on queue like the well-trained straight man of umpteen years of marriage.

“Because he knows where all the bad girls live,” he said. I laughed.

“Where’s that?” my son piped up from the back seat. He really wanted to know. [Read more…]

How to Keep It Together During Family Holidays

Our Expert Mommy, psychotherapist Shellie Fidell is also a regular on Great Day St. Louis. We loved her recent segment that shares her practical tips on how to manage the added stress of extended family… starting, yup… this week!Coping_with_Holidays

Do you have a story to share about a stress-free or stress-full holiday gathering? Share in the comments below. I know Sharon has a great one about a Green Bean Casserole…. 😉

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How to Make Memories

This time of year is a flurry of activity! Like everyone else, my camera and camcorder (or whatever they’re called these days) work overtime. My daughter was in a musical, there are recitals for dance/singing classes, holiday performances, family gatherings… the list of “recordable” moments is as daunting as is the sheer number of Christmas cookies I’ve consumed.

For a number of these events, I’ve consciously decided to keep my electronic devices in my purse. Maybe I’ll regret it later, when everyone else has adorable pics of their kids dressed as Sneetches but I’ve been noticing that from behind the viewfinder, I’m missing the actual experience!

How many times have you tried to capture that perfect pink sunset on vacation? It never really translates… and in the process, you missed the whole thing! On our last trip to Europe, my best friend and I were commenting on the fact that if we really wanted a record of the places we were to show our friends, we should just buy the postcards because those pictures were taken by the pros! In the meantime, we should just LIVE it! Reflectively, my best memories from the past few years are things that I don’t have duly recorded on video… the breeze off the ocean in Tulum, a walk in Kennedy Forest, watching my kids skipping over a stream in Forest Park… oh wait, I think I have pictures of that. 🙂

So how do you make the best memories? BE in the moment. Stop trying to preserve them all for posterity. The great thing about it is that your memory of it will probably change over time and it will seem even better than it actually was!!!

And those Sneetches… well, there’s bound to be another parent in the audience who’s stuck behind the viewfinder! Tip: make sure your kid stands by theirs.

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How to Spread Holiday Kindness

Emma publishes a great blog called Live Kindly. Sign up for her Daily Kindness reminder. I love it… short and sweet and… just enough to focus my day on something KIND.