How to Make Pumpkin Seeds

It’s a delicious and nutritious seasonal snack and it’s easy enough for kids to make almost entirely on their own! My daughter who is a HUGE fan of pumpkin seeds (especially if she made them…) teaches us how kids can whip up a batch in the kitchen. Recipe included in VIDEO (2:31).

Do your kids have a go-to recipe that they love for Halloween or Thanksgiving? Share it with us in the comments below. And give Reilly some props! She’s a natural!

How to Find Meaningful AND Affordable Gifts

“Merry Christmas,” said the checker at the grocery store. Really? … and that was three weeks ago! And if I weren’t Practical Mommy, maybe I’d be freaking out a lot. But see, I try to keep my finger on all things cool, fun, new for kids and moms.

How? I have friends. Who own all the right stores! Like Molly at City Sprouts. Our kids are friends and she is totally in the know.

So when Great Day St. Louis asked me to share the inside scoop, this is what I brought:

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How to Pick Meaningful Holiday Gifts

I’ve got some tips for you on gift-giving this season. If you’re still missing a few for those challenging people on your list that seem to have everything and anything they want, watch my segment with Carol Daniels on Great Day St. Louis. Or, if you’ve got a health nut on your list, I’ve shared 18 gift ideas in my Health-Conscious Gift Guide on Viewpoints!

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How to Make Holiday Keepsakes

So you’ve just created the perfect holiday card! And you’ve sent it to all your friends. But do you keep one for yourself? Do you have an archive of all your sweet, personalized cards from years past? That was my dilemma. Every year, we display all the cards we receive from everyone else and it’s so great to see how much all the children have changed from year to year. But what about your own? Their pictures aren’t really tugging on the heartstrings in some drawer or file folder, are they?

Since my kids were born, I’ve made ornaments out of our annual holiday card. Each one is a little different. One year, I found a company online that would actually print your picture on a glass ornament. I’ve used wooden picture ornaments and silver ones… it’s fun to see the collection grow. My kids looooove putting them up during our First of December Tree-trimming Extravaganza and ooohing and aaahing about their cute, changing selves!

Really… I’m NOT Martha!!! But not only is it a great way to preserve those holiday memories… it’s also a way to get my holiday projects to do double-duty! Practical, see?

Click to see the matching card and ornament!

Practical Mommy is Ria Sharon. Click the links for Practical Mommy’s recommendations for travel car seats, affordable and fun diaper bags (skip hop bag), and the best-selling crib brand, Da Vinci Crib.

How to Make Easy Holiday Treats

It’s like Santa’s workshop at Practical Mommy’s these days. With the help of two very helpful elves, we whipped up batches and batches of holiday treats. I like to get the kids involved in making something special for their teachers. Each of them have FOUR (count them, four teachers) plus “specialists.” Hence, we make batches and batches of treats. But in case you didn’t read my Thanksgiving story, my days of Martha are OVER. The operative word here is EASY.

Here’s what you need:

• Baker’s Dipping Chocolate
• bag(s) of pretzels
• sprinkles (optional)
• cookie sheets
• parchment paper (optional)

4 Steps to Yummy Holiday Treats
1) Microwave the Chocolate. We used the “Heat and Dip” kind that is microwave safe, white and milk variety.
2) Dip pretzels in melted chocolate. We also used dried apricots.
3) Place on cookie sheet and refrigerate until chocolate is hard (about 5-10 minutes).
4) Pop off cookie sheet and package in really cute tins or bags. (Parchment paper makes the popping off part easier).

That’s it, folks! How PRACTICAL is that?!

For more great and easy crafts that you can do with your kids this season, download Fun Kids Christmas Crafts. You can get it NOW! … not tomorrow when you brave a trip to the mall or, in 5-7 days from Amazon. You can have it NOW… for less than I paid for my dried apricots! Let’s not forget that Winter Break is mere days away!!!

If you’ve bitten by the holiday craft bug, you don’t have to wait. It’s immediate gratification. Just like chocolate-covered pretzels!

Practical Mommy is Ria Sharon. Click the links for Practical Mommy’s recommendations for travel car seats, affordable and fun diaper bags (skip hop bag), and the best-selling crib brand, Da Vinci Crib.