Week 27: Holiday Maternity Fashion Tips

More of Me Maternity Black DressThis week I’m thinking about THANKSGIVING and CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR’S EVE!!! All these big parties coming up. I just hope I’m mobile enough to enjoy them all… the end of January feels just around the corner. Am I ready? I may not have the nursery done.. but I know what I’ll be wearing come Christmas. Ha. That’s gotta count for something!@#@!!!

If you are pregnant, here are some tips to help you prepare… well… at least your closet anyway… for the holidays.

TIP #1: Save Energy:
Shop online for maternity clothes. This allows you to shop the high fashion name brands and more affordable lines all in one place, and frankly, I just don;t have the staying power to shop multiple stores in a row to find the right outfit and a good deal like I used to. There are also a number of free shipping offers and deals around the holidays. The main idea here is to sav your energy. Shop smarter… not harder! And if you are hitting the stores, shop early and avoid the crowds. Getting out to shop on Black Friday is NOT be at the top of my to-do list…

TIP #2: Buy Versatile Maternity Clothes:
Plan a few festive outfits you can mix and match that will work for ALL the upcoming holidays, from Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year’s. Don’t wait until the night of the party to figure this out… have it planned. You’ll end up saving money and getting alot more wear out the the items you do end up buying!!! Here are a few good picks when it comes to being “versatile” items.

  1. This black skirt from Japanese Weekend is also a killer black halter top maternity dress and only $78. That’s alot of bang for the holiday clothing buck.
  2. Dress up your jeans with a dressie top. I like this one in Black Eyelet from Maternal America and plan to wear it on Christmas day with the family with jeans and black boots.
  3. Pick a few maternity tops that can be dressed up/down and worn well past the holidays as well like this off-white one… off-white is a great color for winter and the holidays.

TIP #3: Buy at least ONE Dress

Pregnant or not every girl needs a Go-Dress! To help you get the most mileage out of this specail dress:

  1. Pick a classic solid color so that different accessories can easily be added.
  2. Look for a maternity wrap dress as these are adorable over jeans and can be worn with funky tights/boots or really dressed up with heels.  Look for one in red, a great color for the holidays.
  3. Look for “smart buys” when it comes to selecting your go-to dress; one that is sure to work for many occasions, many seasons and even future pregnancies. Classic cuts and colors will take you MUCH furture than trendy styles here.
  4. FINALLY: The trend in Maternity fashion is fitted so have fun showing of your beautiful belly bump! It truly is something to celebrate. Here I am showing off mine on a local St. Louis morning show going over tips for Holiday Maternity Fashion.

I hope your pregnancy is going well and that you are in the holiday spirit!!! If you have any great maternity fashion tips or questions, I’d love to hear them below.

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Suzanne Tucker, aka Zen Mommy

In addition to mommying to two magical girls born in 2000 and 2003 and expecting twins in Jan of 2010, Suzanne co-owns a holistic health center with her husband Shawn in St. Louis, Missouri where she practices as a physical therapist, Certified Educator of  Infant Massage and health education teacher. Certified in a number of healing and life education approaches, Suzanne is a Co-creator of My Mommy Manual and the online parenting course, Yogi Parenting, a positive parenting approach for raising kids of all ages.