How to Be an Expert Mommy

When I first spoke with Zen Mommy about guest posting here, my heart was all a-flutter. This is probably because she told me that I’m funny. My husband doesn’t think so. Obviously, he’s WRONG. And it was great fun to throw THAT in his face. So, I was driving along swimmingly, my heart full of happy bubbles and my mouth moving at the speed of light when two very critical words seeped into my consciousness.

Expert Mommy.

I suppose I was so stoked by the offer that I forgot for a moment that this site is a cesspool of knowledge. You know, useful information. Me, an Expert Mommy? Hell, there are so many days when it takes every ounce of my being to just be a mediocre mommy. And right at that moment I almost backed out. I was intimidated at the thought. These women are educated and experienced. I’m a 27 year old mom of one with an uncompleted college education. How could I compete?

Then it hit me.

This is not a pissing contest ladies. It’s a sisterhood. [Read more…]